Features In the Early Beta Version

This page displays the features currently in our beta and alpha versions. Here, you'll also find a guide on how to try these features.

About the Early Beta Features

We are committed to providing advanced features and products. From time to time, we release them on a separate early beta platform after initial testing by our QA engineers. We maintain this separate platform to ensure there is no impact on customers using our stable versions.

By default, all customers have access to our early beta features, which can be accessed through this URL: https://pickyassist.com/alpha. For admin and users/agents, use: https://pickyassist.com/alpha/w/<your workspace name>.

Important Note While Using Early Beta & Alpha Features

  1. You can expect functional or logical bugs in certain features.

  2. You may experience UI glitches in certain browsers.

  3. You may experience slow loading or degraded response times on different pages.

  4. You may face longer periods to fix bugs.

  5. Your data will not be lost or corrupted as we have daily and weekly backups set for all platforms. However, in certain cases when you are using features that are in early beta, some data discrepancies may occur.

All bugs and issues can be reported to support@pickyassist.com, and we will ensure that they get fixed within a maximum of 3 working days (Saturday and Sunday are holidays for our core tech team).

Billing for Products & Services in Early Beta

There may not be any additional charges for products and services while they are in early beta. However, you may need to pay extra once these products and services are integrated into the stable version of Picky Assist, under the same classification as a stable release. When we transition from early beta to stable beta at https://pickyassist.com/app, you may be required to pay extra for features, as outlined here: https://pickyassist.com/en/compare-plans.

Getting Started with the Early Beta Platform

1. Switch Channels

The very first step is to switch the channels to the Beta/Alpha platform. Go to Settings -> Channels and select the channel you wish to route to the beta/alpha, as shown below.

2. Switch Connector Execution

If you are using a connector and its new beta features, please ensure that you have routed the traffic to the beta/alpha platform, go to Automation -> Connector -> Select Connector, and tick the mark as shown below and click on Save.

Services Currently in Alpha

There are several services/products currently in Alpha. This means that our lead QA team has not yet tested the quality of the software; however, it has been tested by the development team. You are likely to encounter more bugs in features that are marked as Alpha, so please use them at your own risk. We request that you report any issues to support@pickyassist.com, and we will address them within 7 working days.

Beta, Alpha, & New Feature Differentiation

You can easily differentiate between the services that are in Beta, Alpha, and those that are New Features through a color-coding system displayed alongside each product/service, as shown below:

Products & Services Currently in Various Stages

Below is a list of products, services, and features that are currently in Beta, Alpha, and newly released stages

In Early Beta

Below are the features that are currently in beta and please access them through this link https://pickyassist.com/alpha

Feature InfoBeta Release Date

No Code Chatbot and Workflow Builder

25,June 2023

The 100% Moudular with Conversational Features

25,June 2023

Smart Replies V2

Smart Replies V2 with ChatGPT Integration & Interactive Buttons

25,June 2023

Andriod Mobile App of Picky Assist

20,June 2023

The all-new Google Chrome extension that can integrate with any webpage including Teambox Conversations, Contacts, Notes etc

28, Sept 2023

ChatGPT as an inbuilt app seamlessly integrates with Picky Assist products

20, Sept 2023

Broadcaster V2

The all-new broadcaster with Auto Followup, Link Tracking, Dynamic Campaigns, Click Tracking and much more

05, Oct 2023

Facebook Lead Ad Form V2

Updated Facebook Lead Ad form automation app

08, Sep 2023


Dual Factor Authentication with Authenticator app for enhanced safety

12, April 2024

In Alpha

Below are the features that are currently in alpha and please access them through this link https://pickyassist.com/alpha

Feature InfoBeta Release Date

Analytics & Dashboard Builder

A drag and drop visual analytics and dashboard builder for CRM , helps businesses to measure any data that is stored in the CRM modules

26,Feb 2024

Technical Classification of Platforms

Here is how we classify our different platforms:

Alpha: This stage begins once development is complete and the developers have conducted their initial testing. The product or feature is uploaded to the beta platform flagged as Alpha, indicating that QA and customer testing have not yet been performed. Any bugs reported at this stage will be addressed within 7 to 10 working days, although fixes may sometimes take longer.

Early Beta: After the Alpha version has been tested by our QA team and has met all quality standards, and 5% of our customer base has tested and confirmed the core functionality, the product or service progresses to Early Beta. Bugs reported at this stage are fixed within a maximum of 5 working days.

Stable Beta: Once sufficient testing feedback has been gathered from customers, the Early Beta platform is opened to all customers. When 20% of our customer base has tested the product or service, it is considered a Stable Beta release. Bugs reported at this stage are fixed within a maximum of 2 working days.

Stable App: When 50% of our customers in the Stable Beta confirm that there are no functional or other issues, and our senior QA & C Team confirms this, the product or service is designated as a Stable App. Any bugs reported at this stage are fixed within a maximum of 24 working hours.

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