Manage billing

You can see all the billing details including payments and ledger which is related to your account directly from this URL

Payments & Invoice

Payments means all the payments that you have made into your Picky Assist account for different services, you can download the invoice also against each payment as shown below;

Direct link

If your invoice doesn't have the company name, address, etc then please go to "Organisation -> Profile" and update your company name, and billing details then download the invoice again

If you are from India you can get a GST invoice in INR, please contact your local account manager for the same


Ledger means all the credit and debit happen into your Picky Assist account towards different services, ledger helps you to understand how your account is getting charged for using different services.

Direct link to access ledger

Cancel Plan

Kindly note that we don't provide any refund or adjustment for any amount left in your account or any unused services or benefits when you cancel a plan, and any unused benefits, funds, etc can't be transferred to any other projects or accounts. Data Loss alert, when a plan is expired in the next 14 days we will permanently delete all the data, settings, media, automation, etc associated with the project and further you will not able to retrieve the same, so please make sure you download any data you needed before the plan expires, once the project is deleted there are no ways to recover the same.

Plan will be scheduled to be deleted by end of your current billing cycle.

If you wish to cancel an active plan then you can go to the specific project then from the left side menu -> Settings -> Billing -> Active Plan then click on the "Cancel Plan" button as shown below;

A confirmation popup will appear on the screen as shown below and click on "Confirm Cancel" button

Then the system will schedule the cancellation of the project by end of your billing cycle

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