Lead Assignment Rules

Automatically assign leads to Zoho CRM Users

By default all new leads created by our extension i.e new WhatsApp contacts will assign to the Super Admin of Zoho CRM, if you want to assign leads to a specific user then please enter the user id here, if you want to assign the lead in a round-robin mechanism then please specify the user id's separated by a comma as shown below;

Login to Picky Assist Account -> More Menu -> Settings -> App -> Zoho CRM -> Settings Gear Icon and a popup will load as below

Round-robin lead allocation helps you to distribute the new leads equally to all sales members of your team. Please note leads from WhatsApp only be allocated through this settings

Getting the User ID

You can get the Zoho User ID here Click on the tools icon at the top right corner-->Setup-->Users & Control--> Users--> click on a user's name and from the top URL bar you can see the numeric user id as shown below;

Kindly note your default "Assignment Rules" if any configured will not work when the lead/contact is created by Picky Assist Extension.

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