Getting the Conversation Context

This feature is only available for WhatsApp Official, Cloud API & WhatsApp Web Automation Channels.


Conversation context helps you get the quoted reply message id when a user quotes and send a reply to the message sent by you, it's also possible you to send a reply as quoted text to any of the incoming message you received or it's also possible to send a quoted reply to the message you sent earlier to the user

This feature is supported only in WhatsApp Official & WhatsApp Web Automation Channel with the below channel wise limitations.

WhatsApp Official & Cloud API

WhatsApp Web Automation

Possible only to get the context id when the user quote and reply, it's not possible for businesses to give a quoted reply like in regular WhatsApp

Possible to send and receive quoted messages i.e you will able to know when the user quote a reply also you will be able to send a message with your quoted reply.

Ability to get context id from the quick reply buttons

No quick reply button support

WhatsApp Official & Cloud API Context Management

When you are sending a message out using Push API you will get a unique message id (msg_id) for each mobile number. Refer Here Complete the Response Variable

When a user replied to the particular message in the Webhook you will get the message id (msg_id) as Context Id (context-msg-id)

Using this Context Message ID you can easily identify the conversation context when the user quote a reply to a message sent by you, refer to the below image for better understanding;

Receiving the WhatsApp Interactive Button Template (Quick Replies) Clicks

This is a new variable “payload” available in the Push API in order to track the quick reply button clicks, i.e when you send a message with interactive buttons and when the user clicked the button you will get the payload passed by you in the webhook, you can pass separate payload for each button to make the user reply tracking easier.

Please note passing payload is only supported for sending WhatsApp templates with Quick Replies

Payload needs to be passed as per the position of the approved quick replies buttons.

WhatsApp Web Automation 2-Way Context Management

When you are using WhatsApp Web Automation it's possible to send and receive quoted replies exactly the same as how you are using in the WhatsApp personal or business app, you just need to listen for the msg_id and unique-id variables and pass this to the quoted variable as per the situation you needed;

Please refer to the below image for better understanding;

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