Getting Start

Let's get started to connect facebook messenger with picky assist , before you start make sure you have followings;

  1. An active facebook business page

  2. Admin privilege to access the business page

  3. Logged into Facebook Account (Optional)

Please note this an official integration with Facebook and doesn’t required to install any mobile application in your phone, instead you need to give access to your Facebook page.

Connecting Facebook Page

First select the project you would like to connect with facebook page , once a page is connected to a project further you will not able to connect the same page to any other projects or accounts across picky assist platform. You can remove a facebook page from a project anytime.

Navigate to Settings -> Channels -> Facebook Messenger

Click on the Messenger Icon and a popup window will load as shown below;

Accept all terms of services and agreements then click on “Sign In To Facebook” and it will open another popup as shown below;

Logging Into Facebook Account

If you are already logged in then you will see the above page else you will be asked to login into your Facebook account.

Selecting Page

Select the Page you would like to connect , please note at a time we will able to connect only one page to a project even if you select multiple pages here, at the end of this process we will ask to select the page you would like to connect to the project , so its best to select only one page you wanted to connect.

Select the Page your want to connect and Click on "Next"

Giving Permissions to Read & Write Messages

Give all the required permissions for the picky assist app, if you revoked any permission then the integration may not work as it should be;

Sucess Confirmation

Once the page linking is Sucess you will be redirected back from Facebook to Picky Assist Site

Tap "OK" to Complete the Linking and it will redirect to Picky Assist Page

Selecting Facebook Page

If you authorised multiple pages then select the page from the drop down and click "Subscribe"

We have Successfully Connected A Facebook Page With Picky Assist

Basic Configurations

Now let's configure basic settings to ensure good user experience when they interact with your bot;

Greeting Text

This message will be shown to the users before they start interacting with your messenger bot. Greeting Text helps you to win the confidence of the user and tell about what they can expect through the chat session.

The Greeting Text uploaded by you will display Only to First Time Users who never interacted with your bot and it look like as below , maximum 160 characters are supported including emojis.

Welcome Text

This message will shown to the user after they subscribed to your messenger bot , you can give a welcome message which prompts the users to reply to the welcome message like “Hello ! Welcome to Our Store, How May I Help You Today ? “

Once a user clicked on “Get Started” they becomes your “Subscriber”

Persistent Menu or Bot Menu

This menu will appear bottom of the chat window. Currently, we allow upto 3 Menu to be added, please configure reply and action accordingly in the Smart Replies. Menu update will take some time to reflect for all Users.

Configuring Persistent Menu

You can set 2 actions when a user clicks on the menu

You can specify name of the Menu and insert emoji's as well , then can select the action need to be taken when user clicks on the menu ;

Smart Reply : This will trigger the smart reply, so if you set Smart Reply as action then please add the question and answer with the same keyword you set as menu name like if you set "Human Assistance" as menu name make sure you have added "Human Assistance" in your smart reply along with a reply in order to engage the user.

Open URL : This will redirect the user into any webpages, you can redirect users to a specific page like Offer Page, Login Page etc

Now we have successfully completed the Facebook Messenger Integration with Picky Assist

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