You can see all the outgoing messages here in the report section and have following features

  1. You can filter the reports between dates as shown below

  2. You can see the message details by clicking the "Details" as shown below

  3. You can see the detailed report "Detailed Report" like submitted time, delivered time, read time, charges, error code etc

  4. You can export the complete sent message to CSV file using the "Export" option as shown below, only last 45 days reports can be exported

Detailed On Screen View of Reports

You can see the detailed number wise report on screen by clicking "Detailed Report" and a popup will appear on screen as show below;

Message ID : Unique id of the message

Number : WhatsApp Number

Status : Status of the message, Delivered, Read, Submitted, Unknown, Failed

Submitted Time : Time when message is submitted for delivery to WhatsApp

Delivered Time : Time when message is delivered to the user

Read Time : Time when the message is read by the user, don't support if the user privacy is turned on

Charges : Amount debited in USD if any for sending the messages

Error Message : If the message is failed then reason for the failure of the message

Submitted, Delivered, Read Time stats will shows only for WhatsApp Web Automation & WhatsApp Official only from May 13, 2022 onwards only

Search for a Particular Number

You can search for particular number , please make sure you input country code along with number while searching

Filter based on Status

Filter based on status by selecting the status, by default the system shows all status , filter helps to find out messages which are failed easily

Download Report

Download Report to CSV by clicking the Download button

Listing Scheduled Messages

Messages which are scheduled can be listed from the Report section by clicking on the Filter Icon and checking the "List Scheduled" as shown below;

Listing & Deleting Scheduled Messages

Messages which are scheduled can be deleted as shown below;

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