WhatsApp Official announced the deprecation of Groups through the WhatsApp Business API. The Groups API node will stop accepting any new WhatsApp Business API client phone numbers on July 6, 2020 and end for all WhatsApp Business API client phone numbers on Oct 6, 2020.

WhatsApp Group Supports Only in WhatsApp Web Automation Channel and this feature is not stable

Enabling / Disabling WhatsApp Groups

You can enable processing messages from WhatsApp Groups by clicking the respective settings to turn on or off as shown below from the Settings -> Channels (Tab) -> WhatsApp Web Automation

Please note currently WhatsApp Group is available only for customers who are using our API Services. If you have too many active WhatsApp Group's then it may drastically slow down your regular WhatsApp Sending & Receiving Speed

Groups are a great place to share ideas, discuss, keep informed, let’s explore how we can make use of WhatsApp groups effectively for business.

  1. Education

  2. Travel & Tourism

  3. Manpower Consultancies

  4. Stock Market Alerts

  5. Hospitals

  6. Seminars

  7. Internal Communications

  8. Tracking Field Staffs

You can see more business use-case of groups here

Important Instructions (Must Read)

  1. When you create a new group and add member's, if the member's privacy is set to Not Join Any Groups then those members will not get added into the group however they will get a notification and manually join the group.

  2. For existing WhatsApp Groups (prior to connecting to Picky Assist) you need to make use of WhatsApp Contact & Group Fetching API to get the WhatsApp Group ID's in order to send and receive messages, to get the members list in an existing group please use the WhatsApp Group ID and call the Fetch Group Details API

  3. If you have many groups which are not in use then please remove the members and delete the group this will help to create more active groups. Currently, WhatsApp has not published any information on how many WhatsApp groups can be created in a number.

  4. Please pay more attention when you promote a member as a group admin as they can perform all tasks you can do like they can change the group icon, delete the invite url, add or remove members / admin.

  5. Don't leave a group created by you until all members in the group are left , technically you can leave a group anytime but the group will be active as long as it has members, if there is an admin in a group WhatsApp will automatically promote a member as admin.

  6. Please mind the group report as this will affect your number reputation and may lead to blockage of your WhatsApp number.

  7. We strongly recommend changing the group invite url after you removed a member or admin as they can join again or share the group invite URL with anyone.

If you have too many active WhatsApp Groups it may drastically slow down your WhatsApp automation server and may affect the regular WhatsApp sending and receiving speed, so please use group features carefully, there is no option to scale up the WhatsApp Web Automation beyond a certain limit.

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