Data Storage

Data Storage in the Connector is a feature which helps your to store small piece of informations within the connector which are likely to re-use or need to make available globally across all the Connectors. You can save any type of data by giving a reference name and it's value, think like an excel sheet having column and rows

You can store API Keys, Inventories , Sales Figures, Availability of product or any static/ dynamic data, using the Actions you can automatically create, update, delete data values

You can find the the Global Storage under the "Connecting URL" section as shown below;

Click on "Manage Data" to manage your data storage a popup will open as shown below;

You can see all the available data and its value here and able to search, add, edit or delete data as per you needs

Bulk Entry

You can also add,delete,update the data in bulk, just make sure you are separating the field name and value by comma, if data value contains any comma then it may break value.

Storage Limits

You can have maximum 1000 records and each data value should not exceed more than 3000 characters, if you need to increase this limit then please request to


Data Storage is available as a global action in all connectors so that you can create, delete or update data whenever an event happens.

Create New Row This will create a new row, you need to specific the field name and data value

Delete Row You can delete a row including the data values in it

Update Row Data This action will perform the row data update

Empty Row Data This will clear the row data value

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