Chrome Extension V2

Currently under beta


Chrome extension Version 2 is the perfect solution for all those who want to save 2 hours in a day by not switching between apps and windows, Picky Assist wide range of products and services are seamlessly integrated into the Chrome extension that can be opened from any webpage that supports Chromium Browser.

Feature Comparison with V1 & V2

For those who are using Version 1 here is the feature comparison list to find out how we have transformed V2 to optimize your business operations

Feature ListV1V2

Embedded Teambox, Contact, Mini App, Quick Messaging, Reminders & Notes into any webpage



See Conversation HIstroy from any webpage



Quick menu access that auto-detects mobile and email by selecting the text on the browser



Start a new conversation right from any webpage by selecting a mobile/email



Configurable browser shortcut to open Picky Assist Widget from any webpage



Option to configure default WhatsApp Channel for quick messaging and loading conversation history



Easily change the position of the widget by drag and drop to resize the widget size to fit all screen sizes



Quick Access button embedded to all pages with settings to enable/disable



Load External Webpages Inside the Widget (Mini App - Iframe)



Installing Chrome Extension V2 (Beta)

The V2 version of Chrome extension is currently under beta so if you wish to experiment then please follow the below steps to get started

  1. Uninstall the existing version of Chrome Extension if installed

  2. Download the Chrome Extension V2 from this link. Download V2

  3. Unzip the extension then go to Chrome Extension -> Click on "Manage Extensions" click on the "Load Unpacked" menu and select the downloaded folder to load the extension

  4. Close and open all the browser tabs or refresh the browser tab to see the Version 2 updates

Basic Settings for Opening Teambox Conversations

The new Chrome Extension Version 2 allows you to open chat conversations on any webpage by selecting the mobile/email from any webpage, you need to update the below 2 settings before getting started.

1. Country codes

Here, you can save various country codes by separating them with commas (e.g., 91, 971, 1, etc.). If a number on a webpage doesn't have a country code, our auto-append feature adds the configured country code. For example when you select a number and right-click > choose "Picky Teambox," it displays the number with the added country codes, allowing you to select one according to your requirements.

Simply enter the country codes separated by commas, as shown in the image below.

See how the country codes are auto-appending to the mobile number you selected

2 Setting Default Channel

Setting the default channel is one of the most crucial steps in deep-linking conversations. To do this, go to Quick Access > Channel ID, where you can specify the ID of your connected channel. For example, the Channel ID for Whatsapp Web Automation is 10. After setting the default channel, users can easily access conversations from any web page.

You can find the channel id under Settings -> Channels. Kindly note that only WhatsApp Channels are currently supported in the Chome extension for deep linking with mobile numbers. If you have different WhatsApp channels for each of your team members then please share the respective channel ID with them and guide them to update the channel id under these settings. Make sure that you have given permission to access the channel to your team members under Organisation -> Roles

Simply enter the Channel ID as shown in the image below.

Opening Conversation from Any Webpages

Once the above settings are completed you can simply select the mobile number/email that is visible on any webpage and a small icon of the Picky Assist logo appears next to the selection as shown below click on it

The conversation history (if any) of the selected number will be loaded right inside the webpage as shown below;

If you want to switch the channel and see the conversation history then simply click the channel icon and from the drop-down select the channel to load the conversation from that channel

Starting a New Conversation (Quick Messaging)

Starting a new conversation from any webpage is one of the powerful features in Version 2 that allows you to send messages to any WhatsApp number that appears on the screen, you can send a business proposal or start a conversation from the Google Search Result, Google Maps, Linkedin, Google Sheet, etc

  1. Just select and right-click the number you want to open a new conversation.

  1. Then click on the Picky Assist logo and it will redirect to quick messages, you can draft the message, check the "Open Teambox" option, and then send the message. It will redirect you to Teambox as shown below;

Opening Widget - Quick Access

When the quick access of the widget is enabled you will see the quick access menu on all the Chrome webpages and on clicking the menu you can open the widget as shown below

Working with Connector Mini Apps

Mini Apps integrates all your business software and applications directly into the Picky Assist platform. This means you and your users can access everything without switching apps, saving you valuable time when communicating with customers.

If you are an HR professional with CVs from multiple candidates, you can easily summarize the CVs using ChatGPT with the help of Connector Mini Apps through our Extension. Simply paste the CV content into the Mini App form, and it will be transferred to the Connector. Within the Connector, ChatGPT can be used to summarize the CV.

With the help of the Extension, you can summarize the CV without switching tabs, making the process more efficient and convenient as shown below;


Templates help you save time by allowing you to draft messages manually and add frequently used messages as templates. Here, you can add templates in any language and use them to send messages

For example, it's the Christmas season, and you want to send Christmas wishes to your customers.

These template names will be visible when you select a number, right-click, and you can simply click the template name to send it easily to that number.

The added template will be available here to select, simply select the mobile/email then right-click and select Picky Assist and select the template from the list as shown below;

Don't confuse the Chrome extension Template feature with the Quick Replies features that are capable of personalizing the message with the name or value stored against the contact.

Connectors (Multi Tasking)

Connectors in our Extension help you to send the selected mobile number or email ID and current webpage URL, and title to Picky Assist Connector to take a series of actions configured in your Picky Assist Connector

For example, if you have posted a video about your business on Facebook and interested people comment with their respective emails for more information, you can simply right-click on that email ID > Select 'Picky Connector' > choose your selected email ID/number > Select your saved connector name then click on that connector name, and a request will be submitted to the connector with the selected email ID. Then, using connector actions, you can automate multiple tasks, such as sending product details to the email address, adding the lead to the Picky Assist CRM, or pushing the information to a 3rd party server using HTTP API Request and much more.

You can give any name and then add the Connector URL copied from your Picky Assist account as shown below

You can trigger the created connect by simply selecting any mobile/email and selecting the right connector as shown below;

Mini Apps (Open Webpages in Iframe)

Mini Apps let you quickly open other websites inside the extension. You can name a Mini App and provide its URL for easy access. To use a Mini App, simply right-click on any text then select Picky Assist >Mini Apps, and you'll find your saved Mini Apps for quick access.

Kindly note embedding 3rd party webpage works only if the domain permits iframe-based embedding, many of the popular product/services restricts iframe based embedding for security reasons, so please confirm the same with the domain owner in case the webpage doesn't loads inside the Picky Assist Widget

Calling Apps

This is where you can configure what all calling apps should be shown to you when you select the "Call" action by default only the "System Default" app will be shown i.e for MacOS the system default calling app is "Facetime" unless you changed it

If there will be a situation where you need to make the call from multiple apps like a long-distance call via a VOIP Provider and local calls through your mobile number then you can enable the required calling apps from this option and only the selected calling app will show in the "Call" action

Quick Access

Here, users can configure the Quick Access and Basic Settings of the extension, such as updating the Default Channel ID, enabling or disabling the Quick Access button on web pages, adjusting the Quick Access button's position, and customizing the widget's width.

Channel ID - Channel ID is mandatory for deep linking conversations to Teambox.You can specify your Default channel for messaging by updating the corresponding Channel ID.

Quick Access Position - You can change the position of the quick access icon as per your preference

Adjust Widget Width - This allows you to customize the size of the widget that opens inside a webpage, based on your monitor resolution or 3rd party webpage you can change the settings


Shortcuts help you to make the conversations easier and faster, the user can customize the Shortcuts to Open Teambox and Toggle the widget

Shortcut for Open Teambox - For example, if you have set the Teambox shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+L, using this shortcut will open Teambox from any webpage.

If you select a number and use this shortcut, it will directly open the chat in Teambox (if that contact already exists; otherwise, it will redirect to Quick Messages)

Shortcut for Toggle widget - You can launch the widget on any webpage using the Toggle widget shortcut (for example, Ctrl+Shift+Z) this will open the widget dashboard and able to select the options from the menu

You can see the main menu at any time by clicking the menu option as shown below

You can reset the widget position to the default size, turn off the quick access menu, and close the widget as shown below

You can see the main menu and navigate between different products here

Resize Widget, Drag & Move

You can easily resize the widget by simply dragging from any side of the widget, you can also drag and move the widget to position it anywhere on the screen for true multi-tasking capabilities as shown below


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