Creating A Campagin

Now let's explore how to work with broadcaster, the Broadcaster has 2 menu Compose & Reports , Click on the Compose menu to start sending messages.

Campaign Name

Give a name to the campaign for internal reference

Select Channel

Specify through which channel the message should go, if you are using WhatsApp Web Automation then please select the WhatsApp Web Automation

WhatsApp Personal , WhatsApp Business & SMS channels works only through phone automation which is depreciated and no further updates are releasing to the phone automation, so those who are using phone automation are requested to migrate to WhatsApp Web Automation or WhatsApp Official Channel at the earliest

Make sure the selected application is connected / active in your account before sending any messages.

Select Subscribers

Here you have 4 options to select as below, based on your requirements please select the option

Upload Subscribers

You can manually copy and paste the mobile numbers or upload subscribers mobile number in an excel / csv sheet. Please note the country code should be added along with the mobile number, if there is no country code in your excel sheet you can simply add using our Prefix adding tool, you can also remove duplicate numbers by checking the options as shown below

Maximum 50,000 numbers can be uploaded through a single campagin and message will be processed in queue as per the TPS (Through Put Second) allocated to your account, WhatsApp Web Automation default sending speed is 1 message per second

Adding Prefix

Your your mobile number is not in the correct format you can make use of Prefix to add country code or remove any junk values from you number

Remove Duplicates

On enabling the remove duplicates it will check for duplicate number in your list and remove it

Dynamic Messaging

Dynamic messaging helps you to personalise the message like Dear #name# your pending bill amount is #amt# and due date to #date#, You can put these values in an excel sheet and upload. Our system will replace the variables with the value in your excel sheet and send personalised message to each subscriber / user.

First Step - Upload Excel Sheet

First Step for Dynamic Messaging is to upload the excel / csv sheet containing the mobile number and message data, once the file is uploaded the system will show preview of your excel / csv data as shown below, you need to tell the system in which column the mobile number is saved , you can map the mobile number field as shown below;

Second Step - Mapping Dynamic Fields

Second step is to select the dynamic data while composing the message, navigate to "Messages" compose your message and from the right side you can insert the column name into message wherever it is relevant as shown below.

Our system will extract the column data from the excel / csv sheet and update with data from the excel while sending messages , in this example

Hello #A# Your Pending Bill Amount is #B# and last date to pay is #C#

Here #A# , #B#, #C# will be replaced with the respective data in the each column against the correct mobile number.

Segment Subscribers

This tool helps you to segment the existing subscribers and send messages. Target subscribers easily with segment filters like Subscribed Date, Last Interaction Time, Name, Number, Category, Tag and Attribute Value like Age, Gender, Email, Website etc

You can create and save a filter criteria to reuse the same , to reuse click on "Saved Lists" and use it.

Personalising outgoing message

You can personalise the outgoing messages with attribute values saved in your social CRM like Dear {{name}} your plan is going to expire on {{expiry-date}}.

Sending Campagin

When you are ready with the campagin you have 2 option to send

Send Now Send Later

Sending Now

On clicking the "Send Now" button the campagin will send immediately

Send Later

Using the “Send Later” you can schedule a message to specific time, please note we use time zone from your profile to process the schedules messages.

The message will be send or scheduled as per the timezone of your account.

WhatsApp Official Tier Limits

Those who are using WhatsApp Official channel need to ensure that they are selecting contacts or uploading contacts as per their 24 hours rolling limit

By default all WhatsApp Official sending limit is 1000 contacts in 24 hours and this limit get resets in 24 hours against each contact

You can send any number of messages to the contact during this period , restriction is only for unique contacts whom you can send messages in 24 hours

This is applicable only for sending template messages, if you have 24 hours contactable session then there are no restriction to send free hand messages to those contacts.

Suppose if you have 2000 contacts who are in 24 hours contactable window and your are in Tier 1 i.e 1000 contacts (template messages) in 24 hours period then our system will not accept more than 3000 contacts to send and you will get an error while trying to send messages.

Still there are chances messages getting failed due to the Tier Limits and the same will be marked as "Failed" with the reason under you Broadcaster -> Reports

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