Personalising Replies

You can personalise the reply using the attributes which are saved in your Social CRM which will help you to to greet customer with their name or any value stored in the attribute against the customer like Age, Last Order Details, Current Plan, Address etc

Personalising a Reply

To personalise a reply select the answer and find the {{A}} icon as shown below and it will display all the avaiablle attribute values

Inserting Attributes & Configuring Fall Back Value

On clicking the attribute type the value will get inserted into the answer and the value will look like {{attribute-value}}

Fall Back Value : If the system not able to fetch any value for the attribute then value configured here will be send to the user , here if the name not saved in the attribute then you can type "Customer" or any other value

Those users name record available in the attribute value will be send and for others fall back value configured here will be send

Here is a complete reply with {{name}} and {{pending Amount}} as attribute value and it will get replaced with the real value available against each user in the Social CRM

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