Convert File

PDF to Text extraction

Convert file helps you to convert one document from one format to another and currently we support only PDF to Text conversion

The PDF to Text conversation helps extract text from any PDF file and then pass the content to ChatGPT or a similar platform to get it analyzed, or you can extract the text in PDF and send the contents via WhatsApp or Email

For the mini-app, you can create a form field type as Upload and users can drag and drop files in the mini-app, and you will get a public URL of the PDF file

Kindly note that this feature works only if the PDF contains Text, it will not work with Images or if the PDF is an image.

PDF URL : You need to pass a publicly accessible URL Of the PDF, kindly note that URL redirection will not work like dropbox, google drive links, or any links which redirect to another page to load the PDF file or load the PDF file inside another iframe

Limit : You can limit the number of characters to be extracted from a PDF Pages : If you wish to limit the pages to be extracted from a long PDF like 1,3,5 then you can pass this separated by a comma and the system will extract Text only from these pages

Store Converted Result To : Here you can give any variable name to which the system should store the converted text and you can use this variable to pass the converted text to another system.

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