Working with Extension

Step by step instruction to get start with Zoho CRM Extension

Working with Extension

The extension is integrated into Zoho CRM below modules

Live Chat from Zoho Modules using WhatsApp as Channel.

This helps you to real-time chat with customers through WhatsApp within your Zoho CRM from below pre-built or custom modules

Module Name

Field Name


mobile / phone


mobile / phone


This will make use of the Connected "Account Module" or "Contact" module phone / mobile field


This will make use of the Connected Account Module "phone" field


This will use "phone" field

Custom Modules

For custom modules we will make use of "Custom Buttons" to open chat widget, it works only with Zoho Enterprise , Ultimate & Zoho One plans.

2. Sending Personalised Bulk WhatsApp Messages

This allows you to send bulk personalized messages from any modules, just filter the number of contacts you want to send then draft your message and click on the send button.

More Settings & Features

We have the following settings and features as well which can be configured as per your business requirments

1. Automatically Create New Leads or Contacts

This helps you to create new leads or contacts automatically if your number receives messages from someone who is not in your Zoho CRM. This feature is enabled by default however this can be turned off if not required from the Picky Assist Web Console under Settings -> Apps -> Zoho CRM -> Settings

  1. You can specify whether the system should lookup for duplicate numbers in the Leads & Contacts module or not, for this you can tick the "Lookup Contact & Lead Module" field, once enabled this we will lookup for both Lead & Contact module for duplicate numbers, if no number is found then only a record is created.

  1. You can specify to which Module the new contact should be added like Leads or Contacts, by default its "Lead"

  2. You can also specify to which field the mobile number should be added i.e Phone or Mobile, by default its "Phone"

  3. You can specify the lead source as well to understand from where the lead is inserting into your CRM, by default its "Picky Assist"

2. Incoming Number Formatting

This feature helps you to add or remove certain values from the incoming WhatsApp number, for example if you want to add + while saving the number into your Zoho CRM then you can use Add and input plus as prefix as shown below;

Please note the above settings will append + to the starting of all incoming numbers while saving into Zoho CRM

Similarly, you can remove the country code or certain values as per your requirements from an incoming number, please note without the country code you will not able to send WhatsApp Messages out.

3. Formatting Outgoing Messages

You can format the outgoing messages with Bold, Italic , Strikethrough and insert emoji's using the format tools integrated into the chat widget as shown below ๐Ÿ‘‡

4. Personalising Messages

This helps you to personalise the outgoing messages with the Zoho CRM module field values based on your current module the attribute section will dynamically load into the chat widget and you have the option to insert them into your messages as shown below ๐Ÿ‘‡

Use keyboard shortcut {{ to open the attribute section.

5. Attaching Images, Videos & Documents

You can send media files as supported by WhatsApp by clicking the attachment icon

Please note media files uploaded by you will be visible to all Zoho CRM Users in your organization.

6. Switching Multiple Mobile Numbers

If you have saved the customer number in different fields i.e Number & Mobile then you can switch between the numbers to see the conversation from different numbers of the same contact.

Please make sure the WhatsApp number is saved with the country code.

7. Switching between Channels

Switching between channels helps you to send a message from a specific channel, this works only if the channels are enabled for the the Zoho CRM and necessary permission is granted to the Zoho CRM User

8. Disable/Enable Notifications (Sales Signal)

By default the record owner will get the notification in the Zoho CRM when new messages come in your number, this can be turned off from the Picky Assist Web Console under Settings -> Apps -> Zoho CRM -> Settings

Please note this will disable notifications to all Zoho CRM Users.

Kindly note by default Zoho sends notifications (Sales Signal) when a new message comes only to the Record Owner and works only with the Lead & Contact Module

9. Disable/Enable the Extension

If you want to temporarily disable the chat widget then this can be configured from the Picky Assist Web Console under Settings -> Apps -> Zoho CRM -> Settings

Please note this will disable the chat widget for all Zoho CRM Users, sales signal and new lead allocation will work as usual.

10. Whisper or Internal Note

This feature has multiple uses as below ๐Ÿ‘‡

  1. Can be used to take internal notes while chatting.

  2. If multiple agents are chatting at a time it helps to co-ordinate effectively.

  3. Can be used for internal training purposes.

Whispered messages will not be visible to the end customer / user.

11. Quick Replies

Quick replies are a set of predefined messages which you can save in order to avoid typing the most frequently used replies

You can even save a reply with media files i.e you can save your product images, videos or business proposal pdf documents and quickly insert them into a conversation.

We have a keyboard shortcut to search and insert quick replies into a conversation, just type forward slash / in your keyword and it will open all the quick replies now continue typing the keyword you configured for the quick reply, just tap enter to insert the reply into your message draft.

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