Transfer Data from one format to any format
Formatter helps to transform a data from one format to another format, when working with many 3rd party platforms all may not follow a standard format to send data, for an example Zoom Webinar gives the date in 2021-03-25 21:26:42 where a date is stored in your Google Sheet will be like 23/06/21, now with the help of "Date & Time" formatter you will able to simply transform a date from one format to another to make it more human friendly as well as easy to compare for the systems.
Example : 2021-03-25 21:26:42 -> 25, Mar 2021 9:26:42 PM

Formatter Tools

We support following type of formatting tools at this moment and we continuously add new formatting tools as per the requirements of our customer's usecase, so if you don't find the formatter option which you need simply "Request Feature Here" and we will be happy to develop and integrate it for you.
Transforming Date & Time into many formats
Transforming date and time from one format to another
Add / Subtract
Adding or subtracting a day from a date
Perform Math Calculation like Give an Instant Price Quote based on the form values
Adding 2 or more number together
Multiplication of 2 or more number together
Subscration of 2 or more number together
Division of 2 or more number together
Counter helps to automatically increment or decrement a value when certain events happens
Set Counter
Increment or decrement the counter value by X
Reset Counter
Reset the Counter to it's initial value
Line Items helps to extract data values from an invoice item or an ecommerce order, helps you to format the items lists in an order
Data Parser (Coming Soon)
Data parser is an all rounder tool that helps you to extract certain values from a message like
New Payment Alert Customer Name : Daniel
Payment Received : $34343
Txn ID : 34343434
Now from the above message you will able to extract
Then use the values in further steps

We periodically add more formatters as per our customer feedbacks to give maximum flexibility for the integration, if you are not seeing the options you need then please "Request A Feature" or upvote existing features so that we can review and consider the request.

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