Postman Collection for Picky Assist API's

Postman is a popular tool to test and develop APIs. To make it more convenient for developers who are integrating the Picky Assist APIs, we've developed a Postman collection that contains the full set of APIs.

Install Postman

If you dont have postman desktop application then download and Install

Downloading Picky Assist API Collection

Once the postman is running you can download the Picky Assist API Collection & Environment file as Zip from the below link

Release Note

Release Date

Download Link

V3 Release of Postman Collection

WhatsApp Interactive Templates (Quick Reply & Call 2 Action Buttons)

23, Feb 2021

V2 Release of Postman Collection WhatsApp Groups 2 Step Verficaiton

Fetching Account Balance

17, Jan 2020

V1 Release of Postman Collection

02, Jan 2020

Importing Collection to Postman App

Extract the zip file into your computer and you will able to see 2 JSON files as below;

Picky Assist API.postman_collection.json Picky Assist.postman_environment.json

Collection is set of API Requests along with sample requests so first you have to import the Picky Assist API Collection to your postman , Click on Import from Top Left side of the header bar and upload the Picky Assist API.postman_collection.json

Once you uploaded the collection you can see the API details in the sidebar as shown in the image below.

Importing Environment to Postman App

Postman offers a configurable environment which is essentially a set of key-value pairs. It allows you to create commonly used variables that can be reference across multiple requests. You can read more about it here.

The pre-configured 'Picky Assist' environment contains set of variables that are referenced by the collection. It's important for you to edit and replace the variables with your own values.

To import the Picky Assist environment Tap on the Gear icon which is the right top of the postman app as shows in the below image

A popup will come as shown below, Click on "Import" button and select Picky Assist.postman_environment.json to import Picky Assist Environment to Postman App.

Configuring Environment

Once the environment is imported you need to configure the variables with your own values, below are the variables which are pre-configured in the environment , you can add your own variables to make the test more easy;

You can get these variable value in your postman collection globally{{variable-name}}

Variable Name



Replace with your token value


If you are using beta version then switch the URL here


You can add a test number here , make sure you add with country code without 0 or +


You can key in your default application value here

Testing API's

Now you are ready to fire API's , to fire an API just click on the API from the left sidebar , edit the variable values if needed and click on "Send" button

You can save the changes for easy reuse by clicking on "Save" button

Postman Console Log

You can see the all the API request & response log in postman console , to open postman console log use keyboard shortcut Command + Option + C or click on the Console icon in the bottom left side of the footer bar as highlighted below;

A popup will open as shown below where you can click a request to see the detailed log

Detailed Log

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