Get Started With Picky Assist API Documentation to offer an interactive conversation with customers using our Webhook & API's

The below video is recorded using Picky Assist 1.0 and user experience and links are different in Picky Assist 2.0 platform so kindly make use of the direct link to access the developer's settings

---Video Chapters---

0:00​ WhatsApp API Integration Guide 0:35​ How Webhook Works to Receive WhatsApp Messages 0:50​ Setting Up WhatsApp Webhook to Receive Incoming WhatsApp Messages 7:03​ Using the WhatsApp Push API to Send Messages Out 9:21​ Using Postman Collection for Testing WhatsApp API 12:08​ Checking WhatsApp Sent Report & Status

API Stands for Application Programming Interface which allows you to communicate with Picky Assist Servers from your Server / Application for Sending Messages through the Connected Channels

Our API is compatible with any programming language and follows the global JSON standard.

List of Available APIs

List of Available APIs as below

API Type



For Sending Messages

For Sending Text, Image, Video, Audio & Files

WhatsApp Official Template

For Requesting WhatsApp Official Template

WhatsApp Official Template Status

Fetching template status of WhatsApp Official

WhatsApp Official - Profile Update

To Update WhatsApp Official account Profile details

WhatsApp Official - 2FA

To enable or disable 2FA on WhatsApp Official Number

WhatsApp Web Automation - Status Update

To add status to your WhatsApp number (works only with WhatsApp Web Automation)

WhatsApp Web Automation - Group

For Creating WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp Web Automation - Fetching Contact & Groups

To fetch all contacts and group in WhatsApp numbers, only supported in WhatsApp Web Automation

WhatsApp Web Automation - Group

For Setting Group Permissions

WhatsApp Web Automation - Group

For Adding Admin into WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp Web Automation - Group

For Adding Members into WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp Web Automation - Group

For fetching WhatsApp Group Details

WhatsApp Web Automation - Group

For updating WhatsApp Group Informations

WhatsApp Web Automation - Group

For removing members from WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp Web Automation - Group

To Generate New Invite Link

WhatsApp Web Automation - Group

To Delete groups Invitation URL, Leave Group

Fetch Account Balance

This will fetch the available balance in the Picky Assist Account

Device Status API

To fetch connection status of WhatsApp Web Automation with our Server, which also returns number of queue in the server

WhatsApp Docker for Official WhatsApp Business Account

We make use of WhatsApp Docker for communicating with the Official WhatsApp Business Account, we maintain a dedicated docker for each approved customer

WhatsApp Server for WhatsApp Web Automation Service

Similar to WhatsApp Official Solution, we also create a dedicated WhatsApp Server for each number, and when your scan the QR code to pair your existing number we replicate your WhatsApp Web in our server, and over the top, our automation app just automates the sending and receive messages as per your command through API's

WhatsApp Cloud API

Whatsapp Cloud API is a fully managed service directly offered by WhatsApp and before you start using API through Picky Assist you must have your WhatsApp number linked with your Facebook Business Manager and need to follow the step-by-step process to connect it with Picky Assist as a channel, once your connected then you will able to use the API's

API Calling Method

API Call Method


Base URL For Version 2

API Type

Standard JSON Type

Picky Assist API is compatible with all programming language platforms and we make use of JSON. API which allows you to send messages and Webhook enables you to receive messages.


  1. For WhatsApp Official Solution you must take approval through us.

  2. For WhatsApp Cloud API you must take approval directly from WhatsApp before start using the APIs through us

  3. For WhatsApp Web Automation a WhatsApp Server must be allocated to your Project.

  4. For WhatsApp Web Automation you must connect your WhatsApp by scanning the QR code in the Picky Assist Project

  5. API Token (Visit and generate tokens from Settings -> Developers -> API

API Authentication Method

All API requests are authenticated through API Token, so you need to pass your API Token through “token”: “YOUR_API_TOKEN”, variable, this should be passed along with all API requests body in JSON format.

We don't use header authentication, so it's not required to pass a header, all data should be passed in the body.

API Rate Limit

All the API requests to any endpoints are rate limited to 90 requests per minute from one project, if we are getting more than 90 requests per minute then you will receive an error "429" and those messages or requests will be dropped in our firewall level and won't be showing in your Picky Assist Platform

If you want to send high-volume personalized messaging then we highly recommend make use of our Dynamic Push API. Read More

The Admin will also receive an email notification with the Subject "Urgent Rate Limit Reached - Picky Assist" whenever we throttle your request because of the rate limit. Kindly note that in order to avoid cluttering your email inbox we will send emails once every 30 minutes only even if we drop your message continuously.

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