Best Practices for Media Handling

This guide is all about sending and receiving media files when using Picky Assist different channels, if you are considering sending a large number of media files then please make sure that you have implemented the best practice mentioned in this document for getting the optimum speed of messages

Compress your outgoing media files

Always compress your outgoing media files to the best ratio so that they can transmit fastly and enhance the message processing speed

The best way to compress media files is to send that media file manually via WhatsApp, then download the media again, then use that media file to send to a large number of customers Larger your video files more delay in delivering the messages

We highly recommend keeping the media size as below to get the best sending speed

Media TypeRecommeded Size (WhatsApp Web Automation)Maximum Size (WhatsApp Official & Cloud API)


256 KB

5 MB


1 MB

16 MB

PDF & Documents

2 MB

25 MB

If you are using WhatsApp Web Automation then we highly recommend sending a video file as a youtube link, also send one video message in a minute in order to avoid the automation server crash, also you need to keep clearing your open chats as loading recent chats having video/images will take longer time to open the WhatsApp Web Automation and as a result, the server may crash frequently and affects the delivery of messages. If your nature of business involves sending a high number of media files then we recommend considering WhatsApp Cloud API or our Fully Managed WhatsApp Business Solutions

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