Sending Message to WhatsApp Groups

This article shows how you can send messages to one or many WhatsApp Groups from the Broadcaster

Kindly note this feature works only with WhatsApp Web Automation Channel and currently in beta

Go to Broadcaster -> Compose as shown below;

Give Campaign Name

Give a name to the campaign for internal reference

Select Channel

Select "WhatsApp Web Automation" as Channel

Kindly note sending messages to Groups is supported only in WhatsApp Web Automation Channel and it's in beta

Select Type as "Send WA to Groups" and click the "Select WA Groups" to select one or many groups as shown below;

Select one or many groups to which message to be send and click on "Save Groups" button as shown below

Input your message and click on "Send Now" to send immediately or "Send Later" button to schedule the message

Permission for Users

If you would like to allow the feature of sending message to WhatsApp Group only to certain users then you can do the same with your Roles, just enable or disable the permission to the roles

Important Informations (Must Read)

  1. Kindly note that you can select maximum 20 groups at a time for sending messages.

  2. If you have too many groups which have full members then please use this feature very carefully as this can drastically slow down your normal incoming and outgoing messages, for an example if you have 20 groups and each group have 256 members then 5120 messages needs to be send technically even you are posting just one message to a group

  3. We don't support processing delivery, read reports to the messages send to group due to high load impact, suppose posting one message to a group having 256 members generates around 768 event call backs to your WhatsApp Web Automation server which may further slow down the entire server if we catch the report and push to your account.

  4. We don't listen for incoming or replies in groups so kindly manage the same from your phone or by enabling multi device feature

  5. You can create new groups, sub groups, add or remove members automatically using our connector feature. Read More

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