WhatsApp Official Account

This is a quick start guide for WhatsApp Official Account (Dedicated Number) intended only for those who are approved by WhatsApp

WhatsApp Official Account is configured against a project as given by you , so please select a project from the right side window

WhatsApp Rollout Guide (Must Read)

There are few important steps you must take care while sending and receiving messages through WhatsApp Official Account , please read our rollout guide before you begin . Read Now


If you would like to initiate the conversation or send messages after 24 hours window then you need to make use of templates, you can request templates from Broadcaster -> WA Templates All templates are subjected to approval from WhatsApp and they take 2 to 72 working hours to approve. No template approval on Saturday and Sunday so please plan your template request accordingly. Guidelines for Requesting WhatsApp Templates You will be billed as per the destination country and your account should have enough balance to send templated messages

You are now in Tier 1 which allows sending message to maximum 1000 users in rolling period of 24 hours , this limit will auto increase when you send more messages, please refer our guide for more details

Configuring Smart Replies

Smart Replies helps you to answer user questions like an answer bot, you can configure questions and it answers to get started. Read More

Session Messages

You can start testing session messages immediately by sending a message to your WhatsApp number.

API & Webhook

API & Webhooks allow you to programmatically send and receive WhatsApp messages from your application / CRM. Read More

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