Creating Campaign

Now let's explore how to work with broadcasters, the Broadcaster has two menus Campaign & Reports, Click on the Campaign menu to start sending messages.

Campaign Name

Give a name to the campaign for internal reference which will shown in the report section.

Select Channel

Specify through which channel the message should go, if you are using WhatsApp Web Automation then please select the WhatsApp Web Automation.

Make sure the selected Channel is connected / active in your account before sending any messages.

Select Contact Source

From here we need to select the source of the contact. That is whether we are selecting the contacts from the contact module or whether we are copy and pasting the numbers or whether we are uploading via an Excel or CSV sheet.

Select from Contacts

Here we will be able to select the contacts added from the contact module and sent them and we will be able to segment the contacts according to our needs and thus send personalized messages to the contacts.

Segment subscribers

This tool helps you to segment the existing subscribers and send messages. Target subscribers easily with segment filters like Subscribed Date, Last Interaction Time, Name, Number, Category, Tag and Attribute Value like Age, Gender, Email, Website etc.

You can create and save a filter criteria to reuse the same , to reuse click on "Saved Lists" and use it.

Send to Whatsapp Groups

By enabling this you will be able to send message to the selected whatsapp group

Note: this is only available if you are choosing the whatsapp web automation channel.

Copy and Paste numbers

Note: Maximum 10000 numbers are allowed.

Also remember to enter the numbers separated by comma.

Advanced Prefix and Number Validation

By enabling this you can validate the number based on minimum and maximum length and add or remove prefix automatically.

By Specifying the maximum and minimum length of a number you will be able to automatically add or remove the prefix from the number without having to do it manually each time.

Note: Please note that this method only works for numbers from a single country

Dynamic upload Excel/CSV sheet

By clicking on this option you will be able to upload the contacts into Broadcaster via an excel or csv sheets

Here we will be able to customize sending messages to the customers.


Please note that the file size should be set at 10Mb and you can include a total of 10,000 record

Prefix and number Validation

Here also you have the option to enable or disable prefix and number validation.By enabling this function you will be able to automatically add or remove the prefix accordingly.

Note: Please note that this method only works for numbers from a single country.

Defining Data Ranges in Excel or Csv Files

By enabling this function you will be able to filter records from your excel or csv files.

For example if you are having 100 records and you only want records from 30 to 60 then you can give a minimum range as 30 and maximum range as 60 and then click on update. Thus you will be able to filter your records according to your needs by enabling this function.

Compose Message

Here we can compose the message to be sent out. We can select the options through which the three message types can be sent. Here you can use Quick Replies read more.


This allows businesses to send simple text messages with media to customers. It Supports attributes, media, emojis, Bold, italics, strike, can contain up to 5000 characters.


Add your message contents and can use bold, italic, strikethrough, emojis to style your message, and also include additional attributes to customize it further.

Upload Via Gallery

Upload media files like image, video, Audio and document by clicking the edit button.

Upload Via Url

You can manually add the media url or can map the attribute value from CRM.

Select Templates for non reachable audience

You can select from the pre approved templates and send it accordingly


Here by selecting interactive we can make an interactive communication in our messages.

Quick replies

By using quick replies we can make interactions effortless and in this option you can use upto 3 quick reply Buttons on your messages We can drag the quick reply positions and remove quick reply by clicking the delete option. You can read more about the setting up here read more.

List Menu

Using a list menu quick reply, customers can send a menu as a message with upto 10 lists or choices separated by optional sections and header, a great feature to showcase product categories, recent orders, and saved card details. You can read more about the setting up here read more.


WhatsApp templates are predefined message formats that allow businesses to send automated messages to customers via the WhatsApp messaging platform. These templates can be used to send notifications, alerts, and other types of messages. They are designed to be highly customizable and can be personalized with dynamic fields such as customer name and order details. The use of templates ensures that messages are consistent, and compliant with WhatsApp's policies, and helps businesses save time and resources in crafting messages.

Templates help you to start a conversation with customers who never wrote to you or when the contact 24-hour conversation session has expired.

All templates must be approved by Whats App before use, it may take up to 72 working hours to approve a template by Whats App so please plan your campaigns accordingly.

Here we can select from the list of pre approved templates

After selecting the template we can send the message and this can be seen in the preview section.

Note: Interactive and Templates are only available for whatsapp cloud and Official Channel

Follow Up

Here we can set up follow up action for the customer if they have not responded to us within X days or responded back to us we can send follow up messages, templates and then

When contact not responded

You can set up another follow up message when the contact has not responded by not clicking any of the url or button. Here we can set when the message needs to be triggered when we have received no reply from the customer. We can set the trigger in days or in hours from the last message received.

Send a follow up message

Then another follow message can be sent to the customer. This also we can select from the simple, interactive or template format.

Trigger Connector

By enabling this option we can select a connector to perform one more action to contacts.Here there is even an option to create a new connector from here by clicking on create connector.

By creating a connector you can keep the users in a sequence by simply creating a delay in the connector.

Note : Kindly note this feature makes use of the last interaction time of each contact selected in this campaign, we can’t track whether the customer is replied to this campaign or not.

When Contact responded

Here also we can enable a connector to do more than one action to the contacts that has responded. Here also we can either select an already existing connector or you can create a connector from scratch

Note:Kindly note this feature sets a context to each contact to this campaign's action i.e after the delivery of this message if a customer replies this action configured here will get executed, even if customer tagging reply to another message you send before.

Note : Follow up action is only possible if we are selecting numbers from the contact module

Track Url and Button

By enabling this you will be able to track the url and Button clicks on this particular campaign started by you and it will take one or many actions in the connector. Please note that whatsapp approved templates with Buttons cannot be tracked, We will only be able to track the interactive buttons.

For example consider the case where an Organisation is launching a new product and the user wants to track the user interaction thus by tracking the url and button clicks we can do further automations based on that.

Here also we can select an already existing connector or you can create a new connector from scratch from the create new connector option.

Note: Please note that all tracking will be done using the Picky Assist Connector feature and will be billed as per the limits you have for connector invocation, your current free limit is 20,000 and remaining limit is 10,000. Each contact click will be considered as one connector invocation.

Time zone based Delivery

This helps you to deliver messages based on each contact timezone to avoid receiving messages at odd hours and this feature help you to get maximum conversion. This feature really helps when you have contacts with different time zones added in your contact module.

Contacts found with Time zone

When we click on the view contacts you can see the details of the contacts and you can select a time as per your convenience and then you can select the templates accordingly

If no timezone found

If the system doesn't find the timezone of any contact then please select which timezone and time should we consider to deliver this message.

Here also we can see the number of contacts when you click on a view and we can add the time when we want to send messages to those contacts under that particular timezone. And we can select the templates accordingly to the contacts with whom we don't have the 24 hours session.

Note: Kindly note this campaign may take upto 24 hours to complete

Note : Time zone based delivery can only be enabled if you are selecting contacts from the contact module.

Send Message to Contacts from existing Flow/Campaign

By enabling this option to send the campaign to contacts regardless of their existing flow or campaign. Note that enabling this will remove contacts from their current flow or campaign and include them in this campaign.

Select opt out list

In Broadcaster, we have the option to select opt-out lists.Then while sending the message the numbers in the opt-out list will be removed from the sender's list. And in the report, the error message will be displayed against those numbers as ‘Opt Out Number.

You will able to track the messages which are not delivered because of the opt-out list as shown be

Start campaign

When you are ready with the campagin you have 2 option to send

Send Now and Send Later

Send Now

On clicking the "Send Now" button the campaign will send immediately

Send Later

Using the “Send Later” you can schedule a message to specific time, please note we use time zone from your profile to process the schedules messages.

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