Setting Up WhatsApp Web

This article helps you to setup WhatsApp Web as channel to your picky assist project

This is a paid adon once enabled you will able to connect WhatsApp Web with Picky Assist as Channel and able to send and receive WhatsApp messages right from the Picky Assist Web Console or API. Please Click Here to Complete Details


  1. WhatsApp Personal / Business App installed in a Phone Connected to the Internet.

  2. WhatsApp Web Automation Adon Enabled in your Picky Assist Project

  3. The phone should be always on and connected to the internet for an uninterpreted service.


  1. Not able to use WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop Software once connected the WhatsApp Web with Picky Assist Servers

  2. Not able to sync the media messages which are sent manually from the phone , only thumbnail of image and video is available. (Text messages will sync)

  3. Not able to send contacts (Coming Soon)

  4. Not able to send and receive WhatsApp Group messages (Coming Soon)

Connect Your Phone

Before you pair your WhatsApp Web please make sure that you have logged out from all WhatsApp Web Sessions.

If you are using our bridge app on the same phone it's recommended to turn off the WhatsApp from the bridge app in order to avoid processing duplicate incoming messages.

Once the WhatsApp Web automation is enabled you need to scan the QR code from your WhatsApp App from Settings -> Channels -> WhatsApp Web Automation as seen below

A popup will appear as below "Select the Data Centre" which is near to your country then click on "Activate WhatsApp Web" button as shown below

Scan the QR Code

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone

  2. Tap Menu or Settings and select WhatsApp Web

  3. Point your phone to this screen to capture the code

It will take 30-40 seconds to connect the WhatsApp Web with your Picky Assist Project, so please wait until it re-direct automatically to the settings page.

Settings & Configuration

Once the WhatsApp Web is successfully connected with the Picky Assist Project you will able to see the Settings menu as shown below ;

Settings Name


WhatsApp Number

This is the number of your Connected WhatsApp

Disconnect : On clicking the disconnect button the number will get released from Picky Assist Servers, you can connect another number or can connect same number after sometime

Queued Messages

This will show messages which are in queue , you can click on the refresh icon to get the latest queue count, for any reason if you wish to delete queued messages then you can use the "Clear Queue" button , this will clear all messages in the queue and there will no refund process for these messages.

Connected Status

This helps you to identify whether the connection between your phone and our server is established or not, below are the possible status

Connected = Connection Established

Timeout = Please check your Phone Internet Connection

Unpaired = WhatsApp Web is not paired with our Server

No Response = Our Server is not giving response

Connected Date

On which date the number is connected with your project

Expiry Date

This is the date when your adon will expire , so please keep this date in mind in order to avoid disruption of service.

Incoming Message

This helps you to disable the incoming messages , once disables incoming messages will be processed by Picky Assist (you will also not be billed)

Outgoing Message

This helps you to disable the outgoing messages, once disables you will not able to send messages out. (messages will fail)

Queue Limit

This is one of the important value which helps you to queue the messages after it reaches certain count, for example if you set the value to 10 then whenever you send more than 10 messages at a time then system will automatically queue the message and start processing as per the delay between the message you configured

Delay b/w Messages

This is the value used to process messages from the queue , i.e if you set to 10 seconds then the system will wait 10 seconds to send next message in the queue, the recommended delay between messages is 10 seconds in order to avoid blocking of WhatsApp number.

Sync Messages From Connected Phone

When this is enabled the system will track and sync all messages which are manually sent from the connected phone. Please note only text will sync correctly for images and videos only thumbnails will sync

Send Sync Message Out to Webhooks

This is only for developers who would like to get the messages which are sent manually from the phone, you will get an additional variable "direction"

Download Incoming Video

If you would like to download the video files then please enable this, enabling this will slow down the regular message sending and receiving speed of your Server.

If you are facing any issues then please contact us through live chat or by sending an email to

API Customers

Those who are using API or Zoho CRM Workflow then please use application=10 in the API & Webhooks in order to send and receive messages from WhatsApp Web