Integrating into Custom Modules

Step by Step guide to integrate WhatsApp into your Custom Modules

Custom buttons & Widgets help to integrate the Whatsapp Chat Widget to any Zoho CRM Custom modules.

Kindly note that Custom Button creation supports only in Zoho CRM Enterprise, Ultimate & Zoho One Plans.

Creating Widgets

The first step is to create a Widget from your Zoho CRM account go to Settings -> Developer Space -> Widgets

You need to select the options as shown above and fill in the details, to get "Base URL" you need to go to Picky Assist Web Console -> Settings -> App -> Zoho CRM -> Settings and just copy the URL as shown below;

Mapping the WhatsApp Number field

This is one of the important steps to map the "WhatsApp Number" field so that our system can lookup and fetch the WhatsApp number when a user clicks on the Button, to make this work you need to pass the "field" name as shown below;

If your field name is "WhatsApp Number"

Then you need to pass WhatsApp_Number i.e space if any should be replaced with an underscore ( _ ) and this need to be appended along with the base url as shown below;

Please note after creating a field if you have changed the name then this method will not work, in this case, you need to find the API Variable name from Zoho CRM -> Settings -> Developer Space -> APIs and click on "API Names" tab then select the Custom Module and copy the value which is displayed in the "API Name" column as shown below;

Passing Multiple Number Fields

Now let's consider a scenario that your custom module have 2 fields "Father WhatsApp Number & Mother WhatsApp Number" in this case you have to pass these 2 field name along with the base url separated by , (comma) , this will look like as below,Mother_WhatsApp_Number

When the chat widget open it will fetch the WhatsApp number saved in these 2 fields and gives you the option to switch between 2 numbers so that you can send a message to both numbers.

Fetching WhatsApp Number from Related View

Now let's take another scenario where you have a custom module but it doesn't have any fields to save the WhatsApp number but you have linked the module with a Contact using the Lookup option.

In this case, you need to pass the lookup field name along with the base url and the system will automatically fetch the WhatsApp number from the corresponding Contact "mobile/phone" field

Kindly note fetching numbers from a related view works only with Contact & Lead module i.e the Lookup should be set to either the Contact or Lead module. For each Custom Module, you have to create a separate widget however the base url will be the same but you need to pass the field name as per each module.

Now we have successfully created a "Widget" then the next step is to Map the Widget into a "Button" so that on clicking the Button the widget gets opened.

Creating Buttons

The button helps to open the WhatsApp Chat Widget whenever a button is clicked from the custom modules.

To create a Custom Button please go to Zoho CRM -> Settings -> CUSTOMIZATION -> Module and Fields -> Select Module -> Links and Buttons -> New Button

What would you like to name the button?

Please provide the name of the button this will be shown to the Custom Module like "WhatsApp"


Add an optional description this helps you to understand what this button do's.

Where would you like to place the button?

Here based on your requirements, you have to select 2 options

View Page : When you selected this option you will able to see a button inside a record as shown below;

List View - Mass Action Menu : When you selected this option you will get the button to perform bulk action like sending Bulk WhatsApp messages from a list view, this will look as shown below;

If you want to place the buttons in both views then you have to create 2 buttons with each different view.

What action would you like the button to perform?

This is the step we have to select the widget we created earlier, so from the drop down select "Open a Widget" under Custom Actions

Now this will open a new popup where you can see the list of "Widgets" you have created, please click on the "Install" button to integrate the Widget with the button.

Now the Custom button is mapped to a Widget, you can go to the Custom Module and click on the Custom Button to open the Whatsapp Chat Widget

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