Testing Your Webhook
Webhook Testing Tools

Testing Methods

Testing by Sending A Message

Just send a whatsapp or SMS to your phone number where picky assist bridge app is installed, if the incoming message shows in your web console under “Messages” and you got the webhook trigger in your server consider it as sucess.

Testing with Integrated “Test” button

A “Test” button is integrated in the web console of picky assist where you configure webhook, you can simply click on “Test” and it will push dummy data into your webhook, if you got the dummy details in your server consider it as sucess.

Sucess Response


Error Response

If you see the response as below, it means your response is not in correct JSON format and reply will not send to the user.

Testing with 3rd Party Site & Tools

There are many 3rd party sites and tools available to test webhook
Webhook JSON Method https://apitester.com/shared/checks/7f078655894a4e83b7b02f5065370bf0 (Replace project id with your and number with your own )
Webhook Query String Method https://apitester.com/shared/checks/512e52051a314a3aa72e9665ad002dcc (Replace project id with your and)
JSON Structure Validator Tools Use the below sites to validate your JSON structure https://jsoneditoronline.org/ https://jsonlint.com/