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Get start with Zoho CRM & WhatsApp Integration

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Before we begin please make sure you have the followings items ready with you πŸ‘‡

  1. Zoho CRM Account (Free Version will not work but Enterprise Trial will work)

  2. Zoho CRM Adon Enabled in your PIcky Assist Account (Settings ->App->Zoho CRM)

  3. WhatsApp Channel Integrated and working with Picky Assist with the ability to send and receive messages (Settings -> Channels )

Connecting a WhatsApp Channel

Before you begin with Zoho CRM integration make sure you connect a WhatsApp channel to your Picky Assist account, our Zoho CRM integration works only with WhatsApp Channels

pageConnecting WhatsApp Web AutomationpageConnecting WhatsApp Cloud API

Installing the Zoho Extension

Once a WhatsApp Channel is connected to your Picky Assist account hen you need to install the Picky Assist Extension for Zoho CRM in your Zoho CRM Account. Click Here to Install the Extension from Zoho Marketplace.

If you have already installed the extension then please make sure it's updated to get the most out of the features.

Agree with both terms and click "Continue" as shown below πŸ‘‡

Select the user Profiles for whom the extension needs to be installed and click on "Confirm" as shown below πŸ‘‡

Click the "Authorise" button to connect Zoho CRM with Picky Assist Account as shown below πŸ‘‡

Login Into Your Picky Assist Account

Select the Project you would like to connect with Zoho CRM

Please make sure the project is enabled with WhatsApp Channel & Zoho CRM Adon. We have 7 days trial for the Zoho CRM extension.

Now Picky Assist project is successfully connected with Zoho CRM, click on "Finish" to complete

Sharing WhatsApp Channel with Zoho CRM

After the Zoho CRM extension is installed you need to go to your Picky Assist Account to share the channel with Zoho CRM to do this More Menu -> Settings -> App -> Zoho CRM

Please note that only WhatsApp Channel works with Zoho CRM

Click on the Settings gear icon below

A popup will open and you need to select the channels you would like to share with Zoho CRM and click on the "Update" button

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