Save Data

The "Save Data" step allows you to store data in the flow-specific row of the conversation. When a user enters a flow, our system automatically creates a new row to capture and store the relevant information. With the "Save Data" step, you can add or update data in the fields of that specific row even without any user inputs.

To save data based on user input please refer to below article

pageSaving Data into CRM

In situations where you want to save data without any user inputs, you can utilize the "Save Data" step. This step allows you to add or update data in the CRM fields associated with the ongoing flow. It is particularly useful for setting statuses for team members to follow up or adding notes to team members regarding the conversation, among other scenarios.

To save data without user inputs using the "Save Data" step, follow these steps:

  1. Add the "Save Data" step to the canvas of your flow.

  2. Proceed to map the attributes, following the same process as demonstrated above. This involves specifying the CRM fields where you want to add or update the data.

By incorporating the "Save Data" step in your flow, you can store information in CRM fields without requiring any direct user inputs. This functionality allows you to manage and track data related to the flow and enables you to provide relevant updates and notes to your team members for effective collaboration and follow-up.

If you want to add data into another CRM module or update a field in another record, you can utilize the "Data Lookup" step. This step allows you to search, update, add, and delete records in any of the built-in CRM modules.

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