How Webhook Works
Webhook enables you to receive incoming messages into your server on real-time basis from various messaging channels activated by you.

Phone Automation Webhook

Webhook capture all incoming messages from your phone then picky assist bridge mobile app extract the messages and pushes into webhook URL configured, i.e when a new incoming message arrives in your whatsapp or SMS the bridge app extract the information from your phone and push to your webhook.
Webhook Working Flow

Type of Webhooks

Webhook Type
​Global Webhook ​
This is a global webhook which capture all incoming messages in your project from all configured channels
Settings -> Webhook - Global Webhook
This can be set along with Smart Replies , if smart replies webhook are enabled then global webhook will not be triggered
Smart Replies -> Settings -> Webhook
​Event Webhook​
This can be set to capture all events like Delivery Report, WhatsApp Filter Report, New Subscriber Alert etc
Settings -> Webhook -> Event Webhook
Please enable POST method in your server to receive webhook requests and make sure your server firewall allows incoming POST requests from our server.
For phone automation If you want to reply back to your user then we highly recommend to give your reply message as JSON response to the Webhook as its 10 times faster than calling a Broadcast API. If you pass media URL as response then the reply will send as Broadcast API and it takes 10 seconds to send a message. (Text messages as webhook response will send immediately to the user)