Connecting Amazon SES

To use AWS Simple Email Service with PickyAssist 2.0, you must have an Amazon AWS account.

  1. Login to AWS Console.

  1. Search for SES or Simple Email Service in the search bar.

  1. Select SMTP Settings from the left side menu.

  1. Click on “Create SMTP credentials” note that the SMTP Endpoint is also available on the same screen which will be required to connect AWS SES to Picky Assist

  1. Enter the ‘IAM user name’ and click on the ‘Create’ button.

  1. The SMTP Username & password will be created, from this page, you can click on ‘Show User SMTP Security Credentials’ to see the credentials or you can download a copy of the same by clicking the ‘Download Credentials’ button at the lower right corner.

  1. Now you have the username, password & SMTP endpoint, to use SES we need to create an identity that is required to send the mails. To do so, come back to the SES home page, open the right-side menu and click on verified identities. You’ll see the below screen, click on the ‘Create Identity’ button.

  1. Create an Identity by entering the email address into the Email Address field and selecting the type of identity. If you want, add the default config. Set and tags which are optional.

  1. The last thing we need from the AWS console is the config. Set name. To create that, go back again to the SES home page and open the left side menu, click on ‘Configuration Sets’.

Create & note the config. Set we need this to connect the Amazon SES with Picky Assist

  1. Go to the PickyAssist account, and open the channels page, you can find the menu on the left side under the settings menu. Click on the ‘Connect’ button on the Amazon Email Card. which will open a popup where you can enter the settings which you grabbed from the AWS console. You can customize the channel by giving another name and by selecting another icon.

Voila.! You can now send emails using your AWS SES account through the Picky Assist Platform

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