Setting Up Scheduler

Perform periodic actions like sending message, synching data etc

Scheduler is one of the powerful features offered by Picky Assist that helps businesses to automate many repetitive tasks, scheduler is seamlessly integrated with Picky Assist connector that provides you with infinite automation possibilities & Capabilities

As the name suggests, a scheduler helps you to schedule a workflow to be executed at regular intervals as and when required by each business. With a scheduler, you can automate various tasks and achieve the following possibilities;

  1. Send sales figures to CEO at daily 8 pm except on weekends

  2. Daily 10 am fetch new posts from a WordPress blog and send them to a segmented audience

  3. Sync data in every 2 hours from 3rd party app to Picky Assist

  4. Send meeting reminders to the remote sales team every Friday at 3 pm except 3rd week

  5. Send a reminder to the server admin to backup data every 2nd Saturday at 11 am

  6. Send birthday or anniversary greeting at 12:01 am on the birthday

  7. Send currency, gold, or commodity pricing to a large audience at 9 am daily except Sundays & Public Holidays

  8. Send EMI reminder on 3rd, 5th, 10th and 25th of every month at 11.30 am

  9. Send a month-end offer to customers on every last day of the month at 10 am

Scheduler feature is available in all plans however the number of schedulers you can create is limited as per your plan, see your plan details to find your limit. Compare Plans

Kindly note that schedulers work with Picky Assist Connector so make sure you have configured a connector before you get started with a scheduler, we recommend creating a separate connector for each scheduler.

Getting Started

Go to Picy Asist account -> More Menu -> Automations -> Scheduler

Click on Add button from the left top side as shown below;

Then give a name and description of the scheduler

Then simply select the month, week, day, and hours the scheduler needs to be executed as per your requirements

Please note scheduler can only run in the interval of 60 minutes i.e 1 hour

General Settings

This is where you can configure the general settings


You must define a timezone the scheduler should consider by default we will load the timezone of your account but it can be changed as per your requirements

Select Connector

You can decide which connector to be triggered whenever the scheduler runs, it’s possible to trigger multiple connectors from one scheduler, currently make sure your connector has steps that can execute upon receiving the event from the scheduler

Start Date

The start date is optional when you set up a normal scheduler and mandatory if you enable a periodic scheduler, the system will start the scheduler only from the start date you configured irrespective of your schedules, once it started it will follow the schedule you configured

End Date

The end date is an optional setting by default a scheduler never ends however if you wish to provide an end date then you can choose a date when the schedule is to be stopped and our system will not run the scheduler after this date irrespective of the schedule you have configured

Periodic Scheduler

If you wish to run the workflow periodically like every 5 days, every 5 hours, and achieve more combinations then you need to enable the periodic scheduler and define your Interval

Interval: You should enter the interval like 1, 2, 3, 4

Interval Unit: Select Hour / Days

If you select 2 as the interval and the Interval unit as Day then it will work every 2 days

Kindly note that if you specify months, weeks, days, and hours in your regular scheduler and then enable the periodic scheduler then the periodic scheduler runs only as per the regular schedule you configured, see the below example; If you set up a periodic scheduler to be run every 5 days and in the normal schedule you selected January, March & December as months to run then the periodic scheduler runs only on January, February & December months starting from the date you're configured i.e in simple the periodic scheduler will run only as per the settings you configured in your normal scheduler, in this example the scheduler runs in every 5 days only on January, March & December months You can combine any combination of schedules to build advanced schedulers

Exclude Days

Exclude day is a feature that allows you to instruct our system not to run the scheduler on the specific days you configured here, generally like holidays or specific days you wish the scheduler should not run.

Name Just add any name which you can identify like holiday name etc

Select Date: Choose the exact date from the calendar


You can see the execution logs from the right side for the Schedulers as shown below, you can verify the Next Execution Date and Last Execution date as well.

Disabling a Scheduler

If you want to temporarily stop executing the scheduler then you may switch the status of the Scheduler to "Offline" as shown below;

Cloning a Scheduler

If you wish to clone an existing scheduler and make changes then mouse over to the scheduler you would like to clone and click on the "Clone" icon as shown below;

Deleting a Scheduler

You can delete a scheduler from the left side mouse over to the scheduler you would like to delete and click on the "Delete" icon as shown below;

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