Setting Up Mobile App

Take business on the go with Picky Assist Mobile App

Picky Assist mobile application allows you and your users to access all features on the go right from the mobile.

Currently, only the Andriod application is available and IOS is under development and will be available soon

The current version of the Andriod mobile application is in the alpha testing stage, so if you are facing any issues then kindly report the same to

You need to route the Channels to the Alpha platform in order for the mobile app to work, please go to Settings -> Channels and Route to Alpha and make sure you are login through the Alpha platform

Download & Install Mobile App

You can download and install the Andriod mobile app from Google Play Store by clicking this link

Login into Mobile App

There are 2 methods available to login into the mobile app

  1. Scan the QR Code - Easy way to login

  2. Manual Login - Using Workspace URL, Username & Password

1. Scan the QR Code

Please login into the web application then go to My Profile -> Devices and click on the Add Device it will show you a QR code

You need to login into the Alpha platform using the same login details.

Then open your Picky Assist mobile app then click on the "Scan" button as shown below and give permission to access your camera and you are logged in

2. Manual Login

Open the Picky Assist mobile app then click on the "Login" button then fill in the details on the screen like workspace, username, and password then click on the "Login" button as shown below;

If you are an admin, make sure you are enrolled as a user in the Teambox to login, you need to give the workspace name and the admin username and password to login.

Routing Incoming Messages to the Alpha Platform

We first release all new features to our alpha platform for doing testing with customers, so in order to work mobile app features properly you need to route the incoming messages from the connected channel to our alpha platform and this can be done under Settings -> Channels and click the Gear icon of the channel you would like to route to the alpha platform, then from the Channel -> Settings and update the selection as shown below

If you are facing any issues with the mobile app kindly report them to

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