August 2019

Aug 16, 2019

Fixed - Social CRM

  1. If Category is blank then error were showing

Fixed - Smart Replies

  1. On clicking Questions Load More or Load All the action webhook were showing 2 times

Fixed - Incoming Messages

  1. If an audio file is received in a whatsapp group it was not pushing from the mobile app to the server

  2. Incoming SMS were not pushing from the mobile app to the server

Aug 14, 2019

Fixed - Smart Replies

  1. When new questions are adding images were not attaching into the answer

  2. While adding new questions into a category the newly added questions goes to the bottom of the category which is difficult for the users to edit, now it will show right below the category

  3. When using global "Save" button question variations were not saving.

  4. While adding Small talks ? or ! marks where appending without space which were affecting the NLP engine accuracy. Patch updated to all questions in the smart replies having ? or ! (Space added before )

Fixed - Settings -> API Token

  1. If the project is not selected , then API token shows some script error on the screen

New Updates - Smart Replies

  1. While adding new questions, question variations can also be added by clicking the "?" icon which is left to the question

  2. Newly adding categories will displays on the top to easily add more questions into it

Aug 12, 2019

Fixed - Smart Replies

  1. Images against questions could be not replaced with same image

  2. System attributes {{mobile}} was not getting replaced with correct value

  3. While adding question variations there were some special characters appending into the database which affects the accuracy of the smart replies. Patch applied for all questions existing in the smart replies

  4. In the "Stats" tab question variations were displaying with some special characters

Fixed - Messages

  1. Read more popup was not working when the message contains some special characters

  2. While exporting the messages if special characters are in the messages , the exported csv contents were not displaying properly

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