Delete Account

This feature allows users to delete their Picky Assist account permanently. This can be done by us and it does not require any external assistance, that is any user can execute it independently. For Example, if you have created a 7-day trial account with us and want to discontinue the services then they can use this option to delete their account from us.

Steps to Delete Your Account

  1. Log in to your Picky Assist account.

  2. Select the view profile option and you can see the Delete account option.

  1. A confirmation pop-up will appear with the following options.

  1. You can confirm all this by typing in your password in the below box and clicking on Delete Account.

Consider the case when you have subscribed to our plan and your account with Picky Assist got accidentally deleted then that account is retained for approximately 10 days with us thus providing a window for revival in case of accidental deletion or for any other reasons. After this 10-day period, all account history will be permanently deleted.

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