2 Step Verification

This API allows to create 2 Step Verficaiton for your Official WhatsApp number and this helps to prevent unauthorised activation of your WhatsApp number by stealing your OTP. We highly recommend to activate 2 Step Verification for your WhatsApp Official Number.
If you forget or misplace your PIN, you can disable two-factor verification, and then enable it again with a new PIN.
2 Step Verficaiton

Sample Request To Enable 2 Step Verficaiton

"token": "c81f742bea5e68a5213ec1afcc03a6a3d3b",
"action": 0,
"pin" : "987123"

Sample Request To Disable 2 Step Verficaiton

"token": "c81f742bea5e6813ec1afcc03a6a3d3b",
"action": 1

Sample Response