2 Step Verification

This API allows to create 2 Step Verficaiton for your Official WhatsApp number and this helps to prevent unauthorised activation of your WhatsApp number by stealing your OTP. We highly recommend to activate 2 Step Verification for your WhatsApp Official Number.

If you forget or misplace your PIN, you can disable two-factor verification, and then enable it again with a new PIN.

2 Step Verficaiton

POST https://pickyassist.com/app/api/v2/two-step-verification

This API request will enable / disable 2 step verification for your WhatsApp Official Number

Request Body




Your API Token



You can need pass the action you need to perform, if you want to enable then please pass the 6 digit PIN also 0 = Enable 1 = Disable



6 Digit PIN


Sample Request To Enable 2 Step Verficaiton

	"token": "c81f742bea5e68a5213ec1afcc03a6a3d3b",
	"action": 0,
	"pin" : "987123"

Sample Request To Disable 2 Step Verficaiton

	"token": "c81f742bea5e6813ec1afcc03a6a3d3b",
	"action": 1

Sample Response


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