You can see all the outgoing messages here in the report section and have following features

You can access the reports by going to More Menus> Broadcasterv2 > Reports. Here we can search the records by campaign name and push ID.

Here we will be able to identify the message type that is whether it is sent via a flow builder or by using Broadcaster or any other means. All this will be mentioned here. Please check the images below.

Delivery Report

Here by clicking on the Detailed Stats we will be taken to the Delivery Report statistics

Quick Stats

Under the Quick Stats option, we will get the total chats, number of chats delivered, number of chats submitted, number of chats failed, etc.

Detailed Delivery Report

Under the detailed Delivery reports, we can see all the reports, the total delivered messages, total submitted messages, total messages that are read, and total failed messages. We will also get detailed reports with each contact's mobile number, email if given, the message delivered time, message sent time, and the reason if the messages failed all this will be reflected here.

Engagement Reports

In the engagement reports we will be able to track the engagement rates of the messages sent.

Quick Stats

Under the Quick Stats we can see the number of read percentage, number of clicked percentage, number of replied percentage and not replied percentage.

Detailed Engagement Report

Under the engagement reports we can see all the engagements details, all clicked rates, replied rates and not replied rates and we will also be able to see the name of the contact, mobile number, email id, the engagement type and engagement rate.

Show Unique

In a campaign if a person is triggering different flows then if show unique is enabled then we will get the individual details for each flow the person triggered and it will be listed in alphabetical order. It will show the button names and the clicked users.

Flow Reports

Here we will be able to see the detailed reports of the flows which we have Broadcasted. We will also be able to track where each people are currently in the flow execution steps. You can read more about Flow analytics here

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