Facebook Lead Ad form V2

This section helps to setup face book lead ad form with Picky Assist


Facebook lead ad form is an adon to Picky Assist services which helps you to get realtime alert and set different actions when someone fills the Facebook lead ad form. See more details here The new design overcomes the problems of finding which forms are mapped with Picky Assist, Limited space to work with for form mapping, Lack of an option to search for forms by name, the need to troubleshoot to check when the last form was received.


1. Facebook Ad Account with Lead Adform

2. Facebook Lead Adform Adon Enabled in the Picky Assist Platform


Connecting Facebook Ad Account

Business can connect a Facebook page which is linked with a Facebook ad account enabled with lead generation as a campaign objective Login into Picky Assist Web Console then navigate to Settings -> App -> Facebook Lead Ad-form -> Settings Then please tick all terms and conditions and click on "Sign Into Facebook" button as shown below.

Then please login with your Facebook account and select the page which contains the lead form and connect it with Picky Assist

Once the account is connected you will able to see all the linked pages and can select the page then it will show all the lead forms you have created as shown below;

  1. Please map the details from the Facebook form to Picky Assist to perform actions, mobile number or Email attribute mandatory

  2. Select any channel mandatory

  3. Add the actions if necessary

  4. Click Save button

All the channels of the connected Facebook account are listed in the dropdown. Select the Facebook page from the drop down. It will show all the lead forms in the โ€œNot connected formโ€ list with all not connected leads total count. Connect the lead forms by following the instructions.

Total requests : Total requests received in the form, once the form disconnected the value will reset.

Request : Total request and can reset the value. Last received : Last request received date time


You can map the form fields with Picky Assist CRM Attributes this helps you to get the lead data saved in Picky Assist and able to take different actions

Click On "Select Attributes" which is shown against each form fields, then a popup will open as shown below;

From the popup you can select the Attribute from the social CRM to map it with the respective fields in the form.


You can validate the number based on minimum and maximum length and add or remove prefix automatically.

For example: if the minimum length is set to 10 and the maximum length is set to 12, and the prefix to add is "91", then a number with 10 digits will have "91" added to the beginning, while a number with 12 digits will have no prefix added or removed.

Minimum Length If the number length is on or below than this then automatically add or remove the prefix. Maximum Length

If the number length is on or above this then select to add or remove the prefix

Please note this method works only if all the numbers are from a single country


This option helps you to take various actions whenever a new lead form is submitted, available types of actions are listed here

To perform advanced actions please route the request to a connector.

Disconnect Lead Form

You can disconnect the connected lead form by clicking the Disconnect button showing in the connected lead form.

Testing the Lead Ad form

In order to test the lead ad form please click the URL https://developers.facebook.com/tools/lead-ads-testing/ please make sure you have logged into the Facebook page.

Then select the Page then it will load all the forms, please select the Form from would like to test as shown below.

Then Click on "Preview Form" fill in any sample data to test the form and click on Create Lead button as shown below;

Upload Duplicate Leads with new Form Data

If this option is enabled then the system will automatically update the contact in the Picky Assist with the data from your new form,

for example, if the lead is created earlier and if this option is enabled then lead details will get updated like name, and form fields if any mapped


In the logs, we can see all the details such as when the date on which it was created, the Page name, the Form name, the Status, and the payload.

In the payload, you can see all the log details such as response details and the response jscon tree will be displayed where we can get all the execution info.

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