Deep Linking

Deep Linking is one the great feature which allows you to link the Teambox & Contact Mini App with any 3rd party Software's or even with your Custom Software.

Take a scenario that you are using an in-house made ERP to manage your business effectively but the ERP don't have any messaging or team collaboration modules and you use Picky Assist Teambox for the messaging and team collaborations. When you open a record in your ERP you want to see the conversation which you had earlier and need to send a message.

In this scenario Deep Linking comes into an action which helps you to place a button or link your ERP which opens the Teambox Conversation by pre-filling the message you would like to send;

Deep Link URL

Query String Variables

email=pass the email address if the record you saved in the Teambox

phone=pass the mobile number with country to select the record in the Teambox

text=if you would like to pre-fill with any messages, make sure its urlencoded to avoid text breaking

Sample URL

Please note that a Teambox User should be logged in the Teambox in a browser to work this and the Teambox user should have necessary permission to see the contact or send the conversation.

Either phone or email variable is mandatory

Pointing Browser to Teambox Opened Window

By default whenever a link is clicked it opens in a new browser or tab this could be annoying for the user as it creates many windows or tabs in the browser, in order to avoid this situation developers can specify the target window name as shown below;

<a href="" target="picky_assist">Click to Start Chat</a>

Please note that this method works only if the link is clicked from the same browser window where the Picky Assist Teambox is already opened. It will not work if the Picky Assist Teambox is opened in another browser window.

Deep Linking from Zoho CRM to Teambox

If you are using Zoho CRM then you may be familiar with Buttons & Links , using the buttons or links you can deep link your Zoho CRM different modules with Picky Assist Teambox, whenever the button is clicked it open the conversation in the Teambox.

Deep Linking from Google Sheets to Teambox

You can deep link from Google Sheets to Teambox to open a new conversation or see the message history of an existing conversation, open a sheet then create a new column and paste the below formula in a cell

=hyperlink(""&E8"&text="&E8,"Open Teambo

Deep Linking the Contact Mini App

Similar to the Teambox deep linking it's also possible to open the Contact Mini app from any 3rd party software

Deep Link URL

Query String Variables

open= contactMiniApp

email=pass the email address of the contact

phone=pass the mobile number with country to open the contact

Sample URL

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