Measure how users are getting engaged with your chatbot flows

Picky Assist provides comprehensive analytics to measure user engagement with the chatbot flow. Our platform offers a best-in-class detailed reporting feature, enabling you to make informed decisions and adjust your flow accordingly. With our analytics, you can track engagement at each step, button, and interactive element level. We provide click-through rates (CTR) for each step, allowing you to analyze user interactions and optimize your chatbot's performance. Additionally, our reporting feature includes detailed downloadable reports for in-depth analysis and further evaluation.

There are 2 types of Analytics we provide

  1. Global Flow Analytics: This gives you a complete overview of the flow

  2. Step Wise Analytics: This gives you each stepwise for measuring and analyzing how users are interacting at different steps of the flow.

Global Flow Analytics

To access global analytics, click on the icon from the flow list as shown below. This will open a new page with global flow analytics where you can analyze the following details:

Referral Path Analysis

Referral paths refer to the internal products of Picky Assist that trigger the chatbot flow. These include Smart Replies, Connector, Broadcaster, Workflow, Test Bots, Test WhatsApp, and more."

Overall Stats

In the 'Overall Stats' section, you will get a quick overview of key data points as explained below;


This refers to the total number of users engaged with the flow during a selected period. It's worth noting that these are not unique engagements – if a contact interacts with the flow twice, it will be counted as two engagements.


This indicates the total number of times the flow was activated or 'run' during the selected period.

Returning Users

These are the users who have interacted with the flow more than once.


This represents the number of users who have reached the final step in your flow or the 'end' step. If no end step is defined, then the last unconnected step is considered the end and marked as 'completed'.

In Progress

This refers to the number of users who are currently interacting with the flow or those who are in the 'smart delay' phase.


This means the executions that are suspended by our system due to rate limits or a possible circular infinite loop, exceeded the allowed looping limit etc

Exit / Timeout

This signifies the number of users who were exited from the system due to the global exit settings, i.e., those who did not respond within the configured time limit."

Filter between Dates

By default, the detailed view displays statistics from the last seven days. However, you can filter the stats between any two selected dates.

Channel Wise Stats

Here you can view statistics segmented by each channel, which will help you understand how users are interacting across different channels.

Subscriber / User Data

This section provides detailed statistics about all users who have entered the flow, including their current status in the flow, name, email, phone number, and the channel through which they entered. This data can be exported into a CSV file. Please note, if a user enters the flow multiple times, you might see duplicate user details with different interaction times.

Switching to Chart View:

For easier visualization and comparison of statistics, we have implemented a Chart View. You can click on the chart icon to switch to this view, as illustrated below."

Step Wise Analytics

To measure the effectiveness of each step, we provide step-wise analytics. This helps you understand how users are interacting with each step

To access step-wise analytics from the flow list click on the flow name as shown below

It opens a page with the step wise analytics as shown below, kindly note it shows you the life time value and on clicking each steps you can get detailed stats and able to filter data between two data range

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