Developers features to integrate the chatbot with any 3rd party softwares

Our Flow Builder is fully equipped for developers to build groundbreaking chatbots in the fastest turnaround time using the visual flow builder. Below are some tools available for developers to streamline the process:

1. Triggers from 3rd Party

Picky Assist connectors can receive triggers from third-party platforms and take action to initiate a flow along with the data passed from the platform. You can pass any custom payload, and the same will be available in your flow for personalization.

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2. Webhook Inside Conversation

Whenever a user is in a conversation, it's possible to pass a payload to that specific step of the conversation by posting the payload in JSON format to the endpoint generated by us in the Webhook Step. A common use case is waiting for payment confirmation to deliver your digital product.


3. Trigger HTTP API

You can easily pull information from any other system using the HTTP API step, which allows you to make requests to external APIs.

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4. Runtime Variable

You can conveniently save the data collected by the chatbots in a runtime variable that can be used only within the flow. Runtime variable data is destroyed when a user exits from the conversation

5. Data Lookup

We have a straightforward data lookup to the Picky Assist inbuilt CRM. This helps you to reference a record and progress the flow as per the data saved in another module of the CRM.

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