All About Smart Replies

What is Smart Replies?

A Virtual Agent works 24 x 7 for your business powered with Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) , Lets your customer gets answers via WhatsApp / SMS using Picky Assist Smart Replies without any LIVE agent or employees at back end. With the help of smart replies you can keep your business open 24 x 7 without any employees.

In the below video you can see the bot answering automatically for the user questions, in the smart replies all the questions and its variations along with correct answers are added.

How it Works?

Add relevant keywords , questions , dialogues and its answers into smart replies. Based on your customer enquiry it will give automatic replies through Whats app / Facebook Messenger / Instagram / Web.

We make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Natural Language Processing (NLP) to give best matching replies to your users.

Where to Use ?

It can be effectively used for answering the most frequently asked questions related to your business like , list of your services/products/menu , pricing & plans, payment options, working hours , your shop location , features about a particular product , sending images & videos of an item requested by customer etc

You can attach media files also in the smart replies, for example if you are a car dealer and customer need picture of a specific car model through whats app then you can set the car model name as question and in the answer upload the car image with description. When the customer sends the car model name through whats app smart replies sends the image and its description as reply to the customer.

You can find complete features and use case

For Developers

If you are a developer then you can combine smart replies with webhook and able to dynamically give answers from any 3rd party API , customer queries like

“whats the current weather”, “whats the cricket score” , “current account balance” “last 5 transactions” etc

You can setup webhook as an action against each questions which is very easy to manage through a very simple graphical user interference.

Smart Reply is not a Conversational Chatbot which works based on the defined flow , like asking Name, then email, then phone number, interested product etc.

Smart Reply is an answer bot which can give answers to your customer queries based on the training phrases. It's not suitable to handle a conversation based on goals or flows

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