Integrating with Zoho Workflow

Sending Automatic Messages Based on Zoho CRM Workflow using Picky Assist Connector

This helps you to send messages automatically based on the various events happening in the Zoho CRM. You need to configure this from your Zoho CRM Settings -> Automation -> Workflow Rules

Let's create a workflow rule which sends an automatic welcome WhatsApp message to the Customer when a new lead is added to the Zoho CRM by any of the CRM Users.

You need a Picky Assist Connector URL to complete this integration and the same can be created from Picky Assist -> Automation -> Connector - Click Here

Creating A Workflow from Zoho CRM Settings -> Automation -> Workflow Rules

Select the "Module" give a name to Rule and click "Next"

Select When do you want to execute the flow

You can change these settings as per your requirements, now we are going to send a message out when a new record is created in your Zoho CRM.

You can also configure to send alerts when a data field in your CRM gets edit/ update / delete as well.

Select Conditions

Conditions allow you to execute the step only when certain conditions are met like the Lead score is less than 20% and the lead owner is a specific user, in this example we are setting no specific conditions so this will apply for all leads.

Setup Instant Action as Webhook

Instant Action allows you to send WhatsApp / SMS messages when all the above conditions are met, You need to select the "Webhook" as an Instant Action as shown below 👇

Setting Up the Webhook Action

Now you need to copy and paste the connector URL from your Picky Assist account here, watch the step-by-step video on how to do this step

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