Setting Up ChatGPT App

Learn how to setup ChatGPT with Picky Assist family of products

In this guide, we will explain how to set up the ChatGPT App within Picky Assist in order to leverage its generative AI capabilities across various Picky Assist products. Previously, ChatGPT was available as an integration through the Connector and Mini App. However, you can now integrate it seamlessly for an improved user experience.

Possibilities with Picky Assist & ChatGPT

At present, we offer the following integrations and continually work to enhance the capabilities of ChatGPT:

1. Integration with Smart Replies as an AI Chatbot

Picky Assist's smart replies are also powered by an AI model. However, ChatGPT, being a generative AI, is far superior. Therefore, integrating with smart replies allows you to channel queries to ChatGPT, which can provide more natural and improved responses.

Integration into Teambox (coming soon)

Integration into Flow Builder (coming soon)

Integration into Connector as Action (coming soon)

Limitations & Disclaimer

ChatGPT might not be the optimal solution for every business category. It may not always manage conversations in a fully automated and contextual manner as a human would. Therefore, we recommend monitoring interactions with ChatGPT and always providing users with the option to interact with a human agent.

ChatGPT is not a Free Service

Please remember that ChatGPT and its associated services are not free. OpenAI provides $18 worth of free credit for a period of three months to experiment with their services. After this period, you'll be billed according to your usage. For a clearer understanding of their pricing structure, please refer to their pricing model at It's also important to understand how you are billed for the use of tokens. You can find more details in the FAQ section on their pricing page.

You can check your usage and limits at the following link:

Billing by Picky Assist

As of now, we offer ChatGPT as a free app for all plans. However, whenever you send a request to ChatGPT, we consider it as a usage of your Connector Invocation and one credit will be deducted from your available Connector Invocations as per your plan.

Understanding the Basics of ChatGPT

OpenAI, the organization behind ChatGPT, has developed various language models capable of performing a range of tasks. Although OpenAI has developed more than 100 models, we will focus on the advanced and widely used ones, namely GPT-3 and GPT-3.5, which power ChatGPT.

GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3): GPT-3 is a sophisticated language model that generates text remarkably similar to human-written text. Trained on an enormous dataset, GPT-3 can understand and generate text in diverse styles and contexts. It can be used to create articles, stories, essays, and much more.

GPT-3.5: The GPT-3.5 models can understand and generate both natural language and code. The most capable and cost-effective model is gpt-3.5-turbo, which is optimized for chat applications but also performs well for traditional completion tasks.

Each model also has different variants, which are useful for our API calls. You can find all the models at For our purposes, we will use the GPT-3.5 model, specifically "gpt-3.5-turbo".

Understanding Prompt & Completion

For the AI to function, we need to provide some form of input known as a "prompt", and the AI returns an output called a "completion".

In simpler terms, the input given to the AI engine is referred to as the "prompt", and the output generated by the AI is known as the "completion".

You can learn more about this at

It will also be beneficial to understand the following completion models, which we will utilize in our integration:

Text Completion:

Chat Completion:

Understanding Tokens

ChatGPT bills you based on tokens, with most pricing models defined such that you pay a certain amount for using 1000 tokens. The cost can vary depending on the model you employ, and ChatGPT bills you separately for the input (prompt) and output (completion).

A useful rule of thumb is that one token usually corresponds to about 4 characters of text in common English usage. This equates to approximately ¾ of a word (meaning that 100 tokens are approximately equal to 75 words).

To estimate the number of tokens you might use, you can employ the Token Calculator at the following link

The more tokens ChatGPT uses, the higher the cost you can expect. To provide you with better control, we allow you to limit the maximum tokens to be used in completion in the default settings of ChatGPT.

Getting Started with ChatGPT

First, we need to get the ChatGPT API token from the OpenAI account, please login into your OpenAI account as shown below; the direct link for

Click on Create New Secret Key button as shown below and copy your secret key, we need to paste this into the Picky Assist ChatGPT App.

Getting Started with Picky Assist

Login into your Picky Assist account then navigate to Settings -> Apps and find ChatGPT and click on Activate button as shown below;

A popup will appear on the screen where you need to input your Open AI / ChatGPT API Token which we have generated as per the above instruction;

Note of Maximum Number of Tokens Ensure that the token limit you configure is always higher than the number of tokens required for your input. For instance, if you input text that requires 2000 tokens and you set a token limit of 1000, the request will fail. This is because the input itself exceeds the maximum allowed token limit. Thus, it's crucial to estimate the number of tokens your input might use and set your token limit accordingly.

ChatGPT Auto-Disable Scenarios

There are certain situations where our system will automatically disable ChatGPT:

  1. If the provided token is incorrect

  2. If the account is disabled by ChatGPT

  3. If the account does not have an active billing plan

You will also receive an email at your registered address if ChatGPT is disabled under any scenario by our system. In such cases, you will need to manually re-enable it from Settings -> App -> ChatGPT -> Status.

Error Logs

You can view the last 10 error logs to determine the cause if ChatGPT is not functioning as expected.

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