Measure what happening with your Team & Customers

Teambox analytics helps to track and measure your team performance with the following type of reports which can be filtered by date, department, channel, agents

Understanding Teambox Analytics


By default all reports are generated in table view however most of the reports are available to see in Piechart & BarChart you can switch the view from the icons shown in the right side of each section as shown below;

Real Time

Real Time Analytics brings today's data as per your timezone for a quick overview

Agents Online : How Many Agents are online right now

Active Chats : This is the total active chats under your organisation

Solved Chats : Chats which are marked as solved today by all your agents

Missed Chats : Chats which are missed by your agents today

Last 10 data are shown for the above stat for the quick reference


Chats shows you that how many chats are served, open, solved, open and missed during the selected period , by default system shows last 7 days data of all your agents however you can filter to get historical data

Agent Wise

This is the data shown against agent wise which helps you to track the productivity of each agents in your organisation

Quick Glance : You will be shown a quick glance as shown above and can scroll further to see detailed report of each agent as show below;

First Response Time

First response time helps you to track how attentive each agents are, this is tracked based on the time difference between the chat request time and chat accepted time by an agent, if the chat requested time by the customer is at 7 PM and agent attended it by 7.01 pm then the first response time will be 1 minute for that specific chat.

Average, Longest & Lowest will be shown for easy comparison

Kindly note if you are assigning chat through Connector or Smart Replies then the first response time will be Zero always i.e agents don't need to accept the chat as it is getting assigned to them

Chat Duration

Chat duration is tracked based on the time difference between the chat open and chat closed i.e if a chat is opened on Oct 25th 12.38 PM and Closed on 27th 12: 38 PM then the chat duration would be 2 Days

Average, Longest & Lowest will be shown for easy comparison

Kindly note this is not the exact duration of the actual time spend by the agent instead it shows only how long a chat takes to mark as solved.

Channel Wise

This helps you to understand how many chats are receiving in each Channels, currently only WhatsApp Official, WhatsApp Web Automation & Facebook Messenger are tracked

Country Wise

Country wise chats is generated based on the mobile number country code which helps to identify the country of the customer's which chats with your agents

Map View

Table View

Can switch the view from table view to pie chart and graph chat as required by you by selecting the icons as shown below;

Kindly note this information is purely shows based on the mobile number country code hence works accurately only for WhatsApp Channels, Chat's which are generated through Facebook Messenger report may not correct and will be flagged under "Unknown"

Important Notes on Stat Calculations

  1. When a chat is attended by Agent A & later Agent B is invited to the same chat conversation and then the conversation is closed by Agent B then both open and close chat will be counted against the Agent A i.e who attended the Chat first

  2. Served status is updated based on the number of chat attended by each agent, there will be a situation where one chat can be attended by 2 agents but the served status will be updated only once against the agent who attended the chat first

  3. Open status showing against each agent for the date is based on how many chats are opened for the specific agent for the specific day i.e chats that are opened but not closed in the same day. Chats that are opened and closed in the same day will not be shown under Open Chats.

  4. Missed Chat count may show against multiple agents if a particular chat is missed by multiple agents for an example the Customer A is supposed to attended by Agent A, Agent B, Agent C all are online but none of the them attended the chat then Missed Call count will be shown against all Agents in the specific chat allocation. If all agents are offline then Missed Chats will be shown only to the Admin -> Teambox -> Missed Chat (Tab)

  5. Agent First time response is calculated based on the time difference between the chat initiated by the customer and attended by the Agent, if the chat is initiated by the customer at 12.45 pm and an agent attended the chat by 12.47 pm then first response time for the specific chat will be 2 minutes.

  6. Agent Chat duration is calculated based on the total time duration in which a conversation remains in an open state i.e time difference of the Conversation Open Time & Conversation Close Time is considered for finding the chat duration, Please note this can't be considered as agent productivity time.

  7. Country-wise stats are shown based on the country code of the mobile number so if the system is not able to identify the country code or the channel is not WhatsApp then stats will be shown as an "Unknown" flag

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