Connecting Sendgrid

Connecting Sendgrid SMTP Mail to Picky Assist Platform

To use Sendgrid Email Service with Picky Assist you must have a Sendgrid account.

1, Navigate to & Click "Sign In" . Enter the username and the password & Click "Log In"

We need to create a verified sender to send the emails, you can either verify your domain or a single email address, to do so, click on the ‘Settings’ menu from the left side menu, and select ‘Sender Authentication’. Verify your domain or a single Email ID by following the instructions from the site.

2, Click on the "Email API" menu at the left side, Click on the submenu "Integration Guide"

3 Click on "Choose" inside the SMTP Relay card.

You need to generate an API key to use the service, Enter a name in the "My First API Key Name" field and click on “Create Key”

Copy the generated key.

Don’t close the window, we’ll come back later to the same screen.

Login to Picky Assist Platform, go to Settings-> channels, click on connect button inside the Sendgrid Email Channel, give a name to the channel, select an icon if you wish, and paste the API Key copied from Sendgrid Portal.

The channel status will be updated to ‘Connected’, unless you entered an invalid API key.

Click on test connection and enter the Sendgrid verified email address into the form field, and Fill in the from name, to address field also. Click on the ‘Send Test Mail’ button.

The Mail will be sent to the given email address.

Go back to the Sendgrid Portal, and click "I've updated my settings." and click on ‘Next: Verify Integration’.

Click on "Verify Integration" on this page. Sendgrid will now validate the settings

You’ll see the below success message.

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