Push API Introduction

Push API or Broadcast API is useful for sending outgoing messages with or without media files.

How Push API Works - Phone Automation

Let’s understand how Push API Works, Push API or Broadcast API is useful for sending outgoing messages with or without media files.

When you submit a message through Push API , it sends the message to your connected device then the bridge app start processing the message one by one , it opens WhatsApp and start sending message automatically.

This API is useful to initiate a conversation with a user or to send updates like “OTP, Transactional Alert , Marketing Messages, Special Offers” etc

For phone automation to work with Push API you must install the picky assist android bridge mobile app.

We support only POST Method and request should be in JSON Format

How Push API Works - WhatsApp Web Automation

You can simply scan the WhatsApp Web with Picky Assist is to send and receive messages without installing any apps, use application=10 to select WhatsApp Web Automation

How Push API Works - WhatsApp Official Docker

API method is same for all channels the only change is in the backend routing, in phone automation all the requests are routed to your android phone wherein for Official WhatsApp Business Account all message requests are routed to the docker service hosted by us. So you dont need to take any actions just specify the correct application / channel to route the messages

How Push API Works - WhatsApp Shared Number

If you are using any of our shared WhatsApp number then please make sure you pass application=<shared_number> example application=919737001155

To send message through WhatsApp Shared number you should have a valid session between the shared number and recipient number.

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