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New Miss any Events or Reminders Configure Programmable reminders for you and the team

This guide aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the Programmable Reminder feature available within the Picky Assist platform. With the Reminder mini app, you can easily set up reminders for common tasks and ensure that you never forget important events or appointments. Furthermore, you have the option to assign specific contacts and users to each reminder, enabling you to stay connected and informed.

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Getting Started

The programmable reminder is introduced as a mini-app so that you can access the menu from anywhere inside the Picky Assist control panel gives you the ability to perform multi-tasking, you can access the reminder feature from the right sidebar menu as shown below;

Reminder Preference

Before start creating reminders we recommend configuring the personal preferences available for each user against each project, you can access the reminder preference under My Profile -> Preference and this feature will allow you to have better control over your notifications and sounds. the page looks like as shown below;

Advanced Reminder

Advanced reminder settings allow you to configure whether you need to be reminded in advance or not, by default this setting is turned off and if you turn it on then you need to select the duration in minutes that the system should remind you, so if you configure as 10 minutes then you will get a reminder before 10 minutes of the actual reminder time and on the time as well, you can easily identify the advanced reminder notification with the help of notification color and description

Send Reminder via

This feature allows you to decide how the system should send you the reminder, we have the following options available, and based on your preference you can customize this anytime. It’s possible to select all of the options together to ensure that you don’t miss any of the reminders

On-screen Notification: Notification that appears on your screen to remind you.

Browser Notification: Notification that appears within your web browser to remind you.

Mobile App Notification: Notification will be sent to the Picky Assist mobile app installed on your phone

Reminder Sound

If you enable this setting then our system will play a sound alert on your computer/laptop to grab your attention and prompt you to take action. The sound will be played for 15 seconds and stop

Auto-play voice note audio

If you are highly dependent on recording voice notes in the reminder then this feature is handy for you that allows you to auto-play the recorded voice note when you click the reminder notification, kindly note that this feature works only when you click and open a reminder through notifications.

This feature allows you to quickly listen to the summary of the reminder and take action accordingly without clicking the play button manually

1 Minute audio play

This setting is associated with the sound reminder where the system will play the reminder notification sound only for 15 seconds however if you wish to get a longer sound duration then you can enable this feature and the system will continuously play the reminder sound for 1 minute. This is useful if you are generally not at the desk.

Creating A Reminder

Once you configured the preferences as per your requirements then you can create a reminder and the reminder mini app looks something as shown below;

  1. Give a short time for your reminder such as “Meeting with NY Client” or “Pay Bill” etc

  2. Then give an optional description where you can include the meeting link, address or a summary of the meeting

  3. Specify the date and time for the reminder to trigger, here you can see our system automatically suggests a few dates based current time, you can simply select any of the suggested times and make changes or you can click on the Custom button to open the calendar to select the date and time.

If you wish to add any voice notes to your reminder then simply tap the mic icon and start recording the voice.

Natural language-powered date & time input

You can set reminders using everyday language like

Tomorrow at 11.30 am

Day after tomorrow at 02.10 pm

Today at 09.15 am

Next Friday at 03.23 pm

You need to type the text in the textbox as shown below;

Advanced options

With Advanced options, you can assign the reminder to a user and associate a particular contact and you can enable the Advanced reminder option which will act as a notification for the upcoming reminders.

  • Assign Reminder - You can assign the reminder to a particular User in your team.

  • Advance reminder - You can enable whether you need to get an advanced notification that helps you to prepare for upcoming events, if you select 15 minutes then the system will send you an advance reminder 15 minutes before the actual time.

  • Associate contact - You can associate the reminder with a contact that helps you to track the reminder, and notes later against the contact.

Click on the Add Reminder button to save the reminder

Rescheduling the Reminder

A reminder can be easily rescheduled by selecting any of the existing reminders and simply changing the date and time or making changes to the reminder title or descriptions, as shown below;

Deleting a Reminder

You can select easily delete any of the reminders by clicking the delete button and confirming the deletion as shown below;

Searching Reminders

You can easily search and find reminders by giving the Title as input to your search as shown below;

Reminder Tabs

In order help you to organize the reminders and find them easily we have categorized the reminder as below tabs

Today - It will show the current-day reminders list.

Missed - All missed reminders will be shown here, that is reminders that you have not marked as completed

Upcoming -The upcoming reminder list.

Completed - It will show the reminders that are marked as completed by you.

Showing Reminder Notifications

Our system will show you inline notifications inside your Picky Assist account based on your preference, there are 2 types of notifications you will get in your account

  1. Advance Reminders

  2. On-Time Reminders

In order to identify these reminders quickly we have given a color badge also a description is added as shown below

Advanced Reminder

An advanced reminder will look as below where you can see a text stating that it’s an advanced reminder and the actual reminder starts time in minutes

On-Time Reminder notification

An on-time reminder notification looks as shown below

Quick Actions from Notifications

It’s possible to take quick actions right from the reminders like snoozing it for some time, rescheduling the reminder, and mark as complete as shown below;

Marking Reminder as Completed

It’s important to mark a reminder as completed so that it won’t show in the Missed tab in your account, you can mark a reminder as completed from Notification or by selecting any reminders from the reminder list

Based on your organization's settings the system may prompt an option to add a note or record a voice note before marking a reminder as completed and you must add the notes and click on the “Save & Submit” button as shown below;

Marking Notification as Read

When a new on-screen notification is presented to you and if you have not taken any actions like Mark As Completed, Closed the notification by clicking the close button then our system will consider that reminder as unread and will be shown along with the next notification as a reminder, in order to prevent this happening you can close the notification using the close button in the reminder as shown below, or mark a reminder as completed

If you have too many unread notifications and want to clear all then you may use the “Clear All” feature as shown below which will mark all the notifications as read.

Filtering Reminders

You can filter the created reminders to show reminders that are created during a specific date range as shown below;

Admin Features

Admin has the ability to create fully programmable reminders that can be assigned to one or many users. This helps to perform advanced automation using the connector feature like sending reminders via WhatsApp Messages, email, adding a tag or performing a series of actions whenever various events happen inside the reminder.

In order to access the menu click on the Gear Icon as shown below and it opens a new window as shown below

Make note mandatory

This feature helps you to get a summary of the action taken by the user as soon as the users mark the reminder as "Completed" If you enable this feature then users will be prompted to enter a mandatory note or record an audio when they mark the reminder as "Completed".

if the “make note mandatory” option is enabled then all the users must enter a note while completing the reminder otherwise this is optional

Advanced Automation

Picky Assist always focus on automating the most possible task for your business and using the programmable reminders and Picky Assist Connect you can achieve advanced automation like Sending WhatsApp Message as a reminder to both Users & Customers, syncing the reminder and notes to another platform, creating and assign reminders when an event happens in another platform like a Zoom Meeting, A Call back request etc

If you are new to Picky Assist Connector then you may learn the basics about the connector here.

Select connector

The admin user can select an existing connector or create a new connector to achieve the task, the connector will be triggered whenever the events occur which are selected from the dropdown available in the section.

When to trigger the connector

Select the reminder events from the dropdown so the connector will receive the event logs and you will able to create different actions based on the events.

Reminder events

We provide the following real-time events to a connector where you can take 25+ actions, you will get the data in JSON format in the Connector and available to reuse / map further to take differet actions

Sample Payload

You need to create a filter on trigger_type to do various actions in the connector, below is the sample JSON

  "trigger_type": "On Time Notification",
  "reminder_title": "Meeting",
  "reminder_description": "",
  "audio_url": null,
  "reminder_time": "05 Jun 23 01:00 PM",
  "notify_time": "05 Jun 23 12:55 PM",
  "reminder_timezone": "Asia/Kolkata",
  "created_by_system": {
    "type": "agent"
  "created_by": {
    "id": "2404",
    "name": "RESHMA R",
    "email": "",
    "phone": "9199xxxxxxx",
    "internal_reference_id": "",
    "zoho_crm_id": ""
  "contact": {
    "id": null,
    "name": null,
    "email": null,
    "phone": null,
    "channel": null
  "agent": {
    "id": "2404",
    "name": "RESHMA R",
    "email": "",
    "phone": "9199xxxxxx",
    "internal_reference_id": "",
    "zoho_crm_id": ""
  "note": {
    "info": null,
    "audio": null

On-time Notification

Triggers at the time of the reminder trigger_type=On Time Notification

Advanced Notification

Triggers when a reminder is triggered in advance. trigger_type=Advance Notification


Triggers whenever a reminder is marked as completed by users trigger_type=Completed


Triggers whenever a reminder is created by users (will not trigger if the reminder is created via Connector) trigger_type=Create


Triggers whenever a reminder is edited like rescheduled or any data got updated in an existing reminder trigger_type=Edit


Triggers whenever a reminder is deleted by the user trigger_type=Delete


Triggers whenever a reminder is missed by the user i.e not taken any action, this helps you to reassign the reminder to someone else or alert the user to take further actions trigger_type=Missed


Triggers whenever a user snooze or reschedule a reminder trigger_type=Reschedule

Admin Stats & Filter

Admin can filter and view reminders configured by other users in the organization to track how the users are using the reminder features and find how many reminders are getting missed and completed during a specific period

Programmable Reminders via Connector

This feature is one of the most powerful automation features of the reminder that allows you to create and assign reminders to one or many users using the Picky Assist connector, using this feature businesses can add reminders whenever an event happens in any of the 3rd party application like a new meeting in Zoom, Calendly, Zoho, Facebook Leads, Your Website form, etc or any apps that support sending a trigger when an event happens.

Create Reminders through connector action

A reminder can be created using the Connector action so search in the action for “Add Reminder and Select the “Add Reminder” action as shown below;


A reminder must be assigned to one or many agents/users so you have to select the agent from the list or if you can make use of the “Dynamic Map Agent” feature to dynamically add the agents

Reminder title

Add a short title for your reminder or dynamically map the title, this is mandatory and make sure the character is less than 100

Reminder description

Give a detailed description of the event like meeting link, event details, etc this is an optional field, and maximum allowed character is 20,000

Reminder time

Specify the date and time for the reminder should trigger, this is mandatory make sure you pass the date and time in the supported formats as listed below and ensure select the Timezone correctly

View supported formats

Make sure you are passing the date and time in any of the supported formats as listed below, you can input the date manually and validate using the validate feature as shown below;

Reminder me before

This option helps to get an advance reminder notification before the actual reminder time that helps you to prepare for the event, you must add this in minutes, and if the time passes the actual reminder then the advance notification will not be shown i.e suppose if you set the actual reminder as Today 1 pm at 12 pm and configure to remind 120 minutes before, in this case, the 120 minutes before is passed so the advance reminder option doesn’t trigger and sends on the on-time reminder notification.

Assign contact to this reminder

This is a feature that helps to associate the reminder against a contact that helps to give more context to the user when they work with the reminder, select the checkbox then configure the Channel and Map the Contact based on mobile number or email.

Add Audio file

This an optional feature that allows you to add a voice note to the event, maximum duration of the voice note should be 5 minutes, and the size of the file is limited to 10 MB and supports only mp3 and wav formats,

If you are passing a media link then make sure the link is publicly downloadable and not redirecting to any other pages.

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