Working with Teambox User Interference

An administrator can access the “Teambox” from the left side menu as shown below;

A user can access the “Teambox” only logging through the “WorkSpace URL” and Users will see only one menu “Teambox”

Understand the Teambox User Interference

Enabling Notification & Sound

We have 3 types of notification available in the Teambox

Browser Notification

If you are accessing the Teambox for the first time in a browser then the browser will prompt to ask notifications permission, please allow the same so that even if you are in another window we able to send New Incoming Chat & Message Notifications

Please note if you are in the "Teambox" window then browser notifications will not show instead the Inline Notification will be shown.

If you have not enabled this while the browser prompt it then you can enable it anytime by clicking the browser lock icon as shown below;

Inline Notification

Inline notification will be shown only if you are in the "Teambox" window you can see "New Incoming Chat Notification as shown below;

New Message Notification can be seen as below;

Enabling Sound Notification

By default "Sound Notification" is disabled you can enable this from the "Settings" in the top pane as shown below;

Understanding Tabs in Teambox

Teambox is organised as tabs which helps you to organise chats in different status as below;

My Chats

This is the chats that are assigned to you i.e this will show the chats which are in Open Status

Please note that a user able to see the chats which are assigned only to them in this view, if want to see all the chats then please navigate to the “All Chats”


Solved chat means that if the agent has solved the customer issue then they can mark it as solved. All chats which are solved by you will be seen under this tab. Admin can give privilege to each user whether this tab needs to be shown or not to the users

Missed Chat

In the missed chat tab you can see the chats which are missed by you, when you join the chat which are missed then it moves from the missed chat to All Chats. Admin can give privilege to each user whether this tab needs to be shown or not to the users

Pinned Chats

This is where the chats which are pinned will be shown, this helps you to quickly access the pin chats. Admin can give privilege to each user whether this tab needs to be shown or not to the users

All Chats

Here you will able to see all chats from all the connected channels, this tab will be shown only if the user has the necessary permissions.

How to accept or reject a chat

If you have a new chat you will get the notification to accept or decline the chat as shown in the image. Once you accept the chat you can start a conversation.

Conversation Window

After selecting a contact from the left side you will able to see the conversation window on the center side as shown below;

Formatting Message

You can format a message with Bold, Italics, Strikethrough & Emoji using the formatting tools as shown below;


To send attachments to your contacts click on the "Attachment" icon as shown below, and from the popup select the previously saved attachments or upload a new;

Personalising Messages with Attributes

You can personalise the outgoing messages with the attributes available against each contact like Name, Gender or whatever attributes that are created by you. Admin can give privilege to each user whether they need to give privilege to view Attributes values or not


This feature has multiple uses as below 👇

  1. Can be used to take an internal note while chatting.

  2. If multiple agents are chatting at a time which helps to co-ordinate effectively.

  3. Can be used for internal training purposes.

Whispered messages will not visible to the end customer

Quick Replies

Quick replies are a set of predefined messages which you can save in order to avoid typing the most frequently used replies

You can even save a reply with media files i.e you can save your product images, videos or business proposal pdf documents and quickly insert them into a conversation.

We have a keyboard shortcut to search and insert quick reply into a conversation , just type forward slash / in your keyword and it will open all the quick replies now continue typing the keyword you configured for the quick reply , just tap enter to insert the reply into your message draft.

Sending Voice Notes

You can speed up the conversation by sending Voice Notes directly to your customers or can be used internally in the Whisper to give voice instructions to your teamates

Voice note will work only with modern browsers and computer/phone should have a microphone. You also need to provide one time permission in your browser to start using your mic with Picky Assist for recording the voice notes.

Voice Note to Customers

Voice Note In Whisper

Assign Chat

A user can invite more users into an ongoing conversation using the Assign Chat Feature, on clicking the icon a popup will appear where you can Assign chat to multiple users, once done you can close the popup

You will get a notification when new users are joined in the conversation

Team Box Remove and User Left Chat

This feature gives an option for users to leave a chat by them self or another member with privilege can “Remove” user from the chat.

Role Permission

In the role privileges you can see “Allow Remove Users” If this is enabled users can remove an agent from the chat. You can enable this setting by going to more menu> organisation> roles>Allow remove Users

Please note that if an agent needs to leave a chat, another agent must be already present in the chat.

For example if 3 agents have a joined a chat then 2 agents can exit the chat by themselves or the user can remove the two agents from the chat.

The sidebar allows you to view and quick update of the contact details, you can see a right sidebar for each selected contact and able to perform below quick actions;

  1. Editing Name, Contact Number, Email, Changing the Timezone etc

  2. You can copy the name, email, phone on moueover of each data

  3. It's possible to send email, make call from your system default app by directly clicking the action button which will show mouseover on each Email & Phone field

  4. By default when an agent joins the teambox conversation the smart replies feature will get disabled automatically for next 15 minutes and additional 15 minutes keep adding whenever an agent sends a message to the user, it's possible to extend the pause of smart replies or can enable the smart replies anytime.

  5. You can also see the Smart Replies pause till what time for that contact, add more time pause, enabling the smart replies etc

  6. You can also add or remove users into Tags, Categories & Sequences.

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