Creating New Sequence

Creating New Sequence

You can create a sequence by giving a name and optional description. Click on the Sequence name to start adding series of messages into the sequences

You can navigate to Automation -> Sequence to create a new sequence

If you are using WhatsApp Shared Number, WhatsApp Official & Facebook Messenger the sequence messages will be send out only if the 24 hours session window is active against the subscriber. So please setup the sequence timing or message content accordingly.

Adding Message Series

Now you have to start adding messages into the series which need to send automatically based on the time as set by you.

Step 1- Name Your Message

Give A Name to the Message for your internal reference, like "Welcome" "Offer" "Testimonial" etc

Step 2 - Enter Your Message

Compose the message you need to send , can attach media and personalise the message with attributes

Step 3 - Select Date

Specify when the message should be triggered , you can specify the interval in Days, Minutes & Hours from the last message in the series sent, suppose the first message in the series sends after "1 minute" from the subscription time and next message in the series is set to send after 7 days from the last message sent.

Please note the first message in the sequence will be used the user subscribed time i.e when the user sends a first message to your whatsapp / sms number and the remaining message series will follow the last message sent time.

Send At Exact Time

If you dont want to get the messages delivered on odd times then specify the exact time so that even if your customer subscribed at night the further messages from the sequence will not get delivered at night.

See how exact time works with few examples

Example 1 User Subscribed on 13 Nov, 3 AM You set 2 Hours + Exact Time 9 AM Then the message will be delivered to the user on 13, Nov 9 AM

Example 2 User Subscribed on 13 Nov 3 AM You Set 12 hours + Exact Time 9 AM Then the message will be delivered to the user on 14, Nov 9 AM

Example 3 User Subscribed on 13 Nov 2 PM You Set 1 day + Exact Time 9 AM Then the message will be delivered to the user on 15, Nov 9 AM

Next message in the sequence series will follow the last message sent time.

Changing Message Sending Order

You can drag and drop the messages to change the message sending order, mouse over the order number then click and drag to change the order as shown below

Personalising Replies with Attributes in Sequence Automation

You can personalize the message using the attributes which are saved in your Social CRM which will help you to to greet customer with their name or any value stored in the attribute against the customer like Age, Last Order Details, Current Plan, Address etc

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