Connecting WhatsApp Cloud API

We have enabled embedded signup for both WhatsApp Fully Managed & WhatsApp Cloud API from June 2024 onwards so you do not need to create any app on your Facebook Account, you can complete the onboarding in just 5 minutes through our embedded signup directly using your Facebook account.

Please go to Picky Assist Channel and choose the solution you prefer to connect and complete the on-screen onboarding process

If you are using WhatsApp Web Automation then please refer to our Migration Guide here

WhatsApp Cloud API allows you to connect your existing WhatsApp approved number configured in your Facebook business manager with Picky Assist as a Channel and further you will able to make use of the entire Picky Assist product & services with your WhatsApp number

If your business is not yet using WhatsApp Cloud API then don't worry you can watch and follow the steps mentioned in the below video, it will take only 10-15 minutes to complete the process.


Make sure you are ready with the below things handy before getting started

  1. You must be logged into your personal Facebook account

  2. If you don't have an account with Facebook Business Manager you must create one for free (see the above video for the step-by-step instructions)

  3. You should have a business email, WhatsApp doesn't accept and personal email address so make sure you have a business email like

  4. A mobile/landline number that you would like to use with WhatsApp Cloud API, if you would like to use your existing WhatsApp business or personal number then you must first delete the number from WhatsApp from the WhatsApp mobile app.

  5. WhatsApp may ask you to upload your company address proof and similar documents as part of business verifications, so please keep this handy you will able to send high volume of messages only after your company documents are verified by the WhatsApp.

Messaging Limitations & Policies by WhatsApp

Make sure you are aware of the below messaging imitations and policies of WhatsApp while using WhatsApp Cloud API

  1. Without business verification, you will not able to request WhatsApp templates

  2. Unverified businesses are limited to 50 business-initiated conversations in a rolling 24-hour period.

  3. Verified businesses are limited to sending 1000 business-initiated conversations in a rolling 24 hours period and you must keep sending this to increase this limit to 10k then 100k and thereafter Unlimited, read more on message limitations

  4. You must have a valid Opt-in to send messages to a WhatsApp contact

Message Pricing

Connecting one WhatsApp Cloud API number is free with any of the Picky Assist, WhatsApp also offers 1000 free monthly conversations to any country for each facebook business manager (shared with all your number) after the free limit you must link your credit card to your Facebook business manager to send messages

Refer to Conversation-Based Billing

Add a Credit Card to Your WhatsApp Business Platform Account

If you wish to connect more than one WhatsApp number to your Picky Assist account then you must opt for "Ultimate Plan" and each number cost you $24 per month

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