November 2019

Nov 21, 2019


  1. Fixed CSS Conflict with Parent Sites

  2. Fixed various cosmetic bugs

  3. General UI Improvements

Nov 20, 2019

Live Chat

Introduced Desktop Notification for Unread Chats

Nov 13, 2019

Facebook Messenger As A Channel

Introduced Facebook Messenger as a new Channel. More Details

Smart Replies -> Direct URL

Direct URL helps you to redirect a user into correct context of a conversation. It's very useful to set as Call to Action for various Social Media or Online Advertisements. You can get WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger Direct URL from Smart Replies against each question. More Details

Updates In Live Chat

  1. Unread Chat Counts Now you can see how many chats are unread, all unread chats will be highlighted with a total unread message count.

  2. Away Notification Sound When a new chat comes and if you are away from the live chat window it will play a sound in your browser.

  3. Bug Fixes & Optimisations All reported bugs are fixed and many modules are optimised for improved stability and performance.

  4. Chat Sorting Order Changed Live Chats are sorted based on last message activity , earlier it was based on last message received from the user.

  5. Change in Quick Update of Contact Details Moved Name & Mobile Number quick Update from Chat Window to Profile Section

  6. Fixed Duplicate Showing Messages Sometimes the messages were showing multiple times and its fixed

  7. Links are Clickable All hyperlinks are now clickable and opens in a new window

Introduction of New Emoji

Introduced New Emoji plugin with all emoji's supported by WhatsApp along with Frequently Used Emoji and Search Option. Emoji may not display properly in old browsers, so please make sure you are using latest browser.

Update in Sequence Logic

Sequence logic has been updated in order to give more priority to the exact time configured.


Some cosmetic bug fixes in the Select Subscriber section.

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