Question Variation

Question Variations or Training Phrases are the one of the important module which seamlessly works with Intents.

Intents , Contexts & Question Variants helps smart reply to understand the user inputs more effectively thus able to give natural answers.

Question Variations allows to add multiple questions so that it helps to process the user inputs more effectively by our Natural Language Processing engine

Now let’s see how Question Variation works ?

Generally user ask questions to the bot, and one question can be asked in many ways and in many cases response could be same for all questions, see the a question is asked in different way;

Add as many as question variations which the users are likely to ask so that the bot will work effectively

Adding Question & Answers

First Add A Single Question and its Answer as shown below

Formatting Answer

For a new line space use Shift + Enter and to format the answer you can use bold , italics, strike and emoji’s as show below.

Adding Question Variations

You don't need to edit the intents shown in the popup , its the same intents you have added against the category and just displays here for your reference , you can see the category name also in the top of the popup

We have now successfully learned how to Add Questions , Question Variations and Answer

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