Configuring Webhook URL

Setting Up Your Webhook to Receiving Incoming Messages

You need to configure the Webhook against each project from the web console, to configure webhook Login Into your Picky Assist Web Console -> Select Project -> Settings -> Developers -> Webhooks

Passing Custom Variable

If you would like to pass any additional variables to be pushed then please configure them as yourfilename.aspx?variable1=picky-newyork&variable2=newclient\

Enabling Retry (Beta Limited Access)

You can optionally enable the retry feature so that in case if your server or network has any issues we will re-push the webhook again.

When the retry will enable?

If your webserver/application does not return 200 response within 180 seconds then the webhook calls from our server will enter into retry mode and trigger as per the below cycle ;

1 Minute = 1st retry 15 Minutes = 2nd retry 2 Hours = 3rd retry 6 Hours = 4th retry

Even after 4th retry if we don't get the 200 response from your webhook then the retry will retire forever.

Testing Webhook

After configuring the Webhook you can test the webhook by clicking “Test” dummy data will post to your web server and you need to give JSON response if you wish to give an instant reply back to the user.

Success Response

Please note if your response is not in JSON then you will get the following error as response.

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